Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ternyata waktu itu, perutku kembung! kebanyakan minum soda sih... jadi kalo aku minum soda, aku usahiiiiiinnnnnnn agar aku bisa sendawa XD padahal di sekolah aku SERING sendawa. bahkan pas aku kelas 1 sma aku pernah dimarahi guru geografiku yg kebetulan waktu itu aku duduk paling muka (karena org depan datang terlambat) dan dimuka meja guru. keknya udah pernah kejadian itu aku posting di sini. cek aja lah ya capek aku ketik. aku lupa apa judulnya bahkan labelnya :D

anw, kapan sih SHUGO CHARA chapter 48 keluar?? katanya tanggal 28. yah aku tahu biasanya telat. tpai kenapa kita tidak coba saling jujur?? mengatakan tahun depan lebih baik kok *lebaaiiii* aku capek posting. Besok hari terakhir tahun 2009 sekalian hari yang paling mengerikan bagiku. Bubye...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Males.. lagi ga ada kegiatan. Palingan di rumah.. Bantu-bantu tukang nyemen, ngepel... Habis rumahku lagi direnovasi == ga ada liburan. Parah! Gak bisa jalan-jalan. sedih banget :'( Suasana natal tidak terasa lagi. Anw, aku kesal banget sama fesbuk ku! Masa' upload satu buah foto, 300an kb gak bisa bisa!!! itu aja udah kuturin ukurannya. gila kali fesbuk aku ini! jadi males aku buka. udahlah kan masih ada twitter :) Anw, lusa bagi rapott!!! takut kali aku lah..... doakan aku supaya nilaiku naik ==a gtg, bye.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Time

Merry Christmas all!

Okay, my apologize, I couldn't post yesterday. Flasback.

December 21-23, 2009
Should I write there is no activity? Should I write there is no activity? Hnya I went to school on 21. The next day, I was sick, colds, fever, and vomiting. So on 22, I'm not in school. On 23, my health began to improve, but still no appetite, so I'm not in school.

December 24, 2009
Today is the day I hate most. I can not complete you know, why I hate it, but I hate because I can not have online! Especially since the redesign of my house , I was helped. And, I do hate christmas eve.

December 25, 2009
Okay, so today, I immediately take a shower. Christmas congratulations to all members of my family, including my dog. I remove all my resentment that store. Because today, the Savior has been born into this world, to save us. But I'm back annoyed, because .... told my daddy work, help-help beresin house was in the redesign. Grrrr .... builder course, holiday, cook our children who are not paid, ordered work? I was really upset. Knowing this, last night we should tell the church that morning. But I was wrong. I was wrong. So many do not know. What's wrong with work? What's wrong with tired? Which turpentine is in one day, we have a special time to celebrate Christmas. So, as at 5pm, we were getting ready. Because if too late, we will not get a seat. Church begins at 6 pm, but we arrived at 5.40pm. We were too late. Yes, too late. We got the rear seat. But behind the cold really. On the back is also still looks very clear. Losses sat in the back is a lot of children. But I still enjoy the wonderful moment in the church.

I went church with my daddy, my mama, my brother, 'bouku' with 2 sons. After that, we went to the my grandma's house. She was alone at home. So many problems that occur. Fortunately she is a strong woman. Thank God, still you give so many blessings in her life. I also thank you, because you showed me, that Christmas time is not empty. Although my cousin is not here, although my grandma's house the more quiet, although some family members've gone, even though our stay here, but I remain grateful I still got a great cos other relatives. Why was I whining? Why didn't I realize that I still have another siblings? That's what makes Christmas time so mean to me. Christmas time is my wish that we could gather together again like before, when my grandma's house was warm and a lot of fun.

December 26, 2009
Today............ STOMACHHHHHHHHH!!!!! oh!!!! *mau mati aja rasanya* After my stomach does not hurt anymore, my whole body was really weak.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009


December is the month full of meaning, because in this month we do a lot of things outside of our habits. as:
1. Learn. December is filled with the test. So when I enter this month, all the books are piled on my desk.
2. Shopping. Especially for the Christian as I am, of course we bought a Christmas dress, or decorate the house, or make a cake.
3. your relaxing time would be more than working.

Anw, let's countdown until the new year. No no ... first Christmas and new year. Hopefully I got the wisdom Christmas this year. Hopefully this cal christmas really impressive as the previous Christmas along with my cousin, kak Ropa, titin, and p-man : p I wish I could be there :( Maybe in the next post I will make new year resolutions ala me. surely everyone wants everything to be better. So do I.

Okay, just now, I open the Hotline to Hell (mostly read comic Hell Girl). Since the new year was going, I do not want if there is still the same people who hate me. So I tried to type .. see picture.

When I got to "untie the red strings" I make no. I do not know that site, the original site or not, but I do not want to believe the same site like that. If you want to try CLICK HERE!!!. Oke it still off. Need comics. Bubye.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Carol (teng teng teng)


aku yang baju hitam 

it such a long post since i had the bloody hell exam. last night, we had a Christmas. I am a person who a lot of filling events (cuih) come sooner. I want to go red carpet, but ... must pay for all images. What else can take pictures only 2 people. We went back into the church, ruined my shoes. Tread off. And my clothes,  really fits the shoe. Finally, I ran to my car. Finding shoes that I brought earlier. When I wear, my feet were in ruin! Shoe is very narrow and very high right! I can not walk, can not stand.

I was so scared. Since the choir's first appearance on the show. I'm afraid if I do not stand up. Finally, we perform. Fortunately, my speakers are covered below. So if my legs were shaking, not too noticeable. I was really scared, it's just going to faint. But when I heard the song we sing, my legs did not ache anymore. Once ready, my leg nyuut nyuut again : '(

After the chorus, I still have to get ready for reflection and drama. I quickly changed my clothes. On reflection I served as factory workers. Kli this, my feet do not hurt anymore, because I performed using sist veby's shoes. hahaha ... and she appear using my shoes. Maybe for her, my shoes fit, because she was small...

sermon at the time really bored me. the sermon was long! so -----intermezo-----

while playing the drama, I just appeared at the opening. Well.,,, Like the opening play. After that, there are lucky draw, the santa clause really abad aka AMATIRAN!! XD: 'D So I took a picture with my classmates, then there are two strange men who kicked my shoes until I fell. They mocked because I was too high. (inisalnya H and R). Finally, I ran to the car, changed my shoes with my red shoes.

aku yang paling kanan 

That is all, this Christmas story, I hope I get a special gift as the Zen (NNC).Bubye.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Bloggie, I'm really upset! You know what? Our exams finished until the 17th!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And I've made a plan "3 MORE"! do u want to know why the test was postponed? Because on December 16, there are people aka Mr.. A.L.  want to come to our school. Where there is ceremony! why don't we learn at home! Ukkhh!!! Ga ada sistem HABIS NATAL BARU UJIAN dalam kamusku!!! >:( TTATT

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Post

Christmas is 3 more days. I want to see my christmas dress. Lolita lolita!! >///<
And badly, I must bring another clothes for christmas. that's because of  I joined drama or monolog or bla bla... and I as buruh pabrik!!! idk, what should I wear... Bye my lolita dress TTATT.

And I guess, I must prepare my wish for new year. hahahaha... tobat cuma 2 menit XD.
a little merry christmas make a big miracle...

3 more...

why I said number 3???
> 3 more days, the test will over
> 3 more subjects, to be tested
> 3 more days, there will be held christmas
> 3 more days, my christmas dress finally finished.

Fortunately, the remaining subjects only Enlgish, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I doubt that only one subject. Mathematics. Because:

1. I do not understand about statistics.
2. we have not signed up to the chapter ring
3. Most of the theory rather than matter.
4. my friend borrowed my test paper.
5. notes that were incomplete (lazy noted)

point number 5 is realted to point number 3. Most of the writing. I'm lazy to write, use numbers better. Shorter, faster, and no exertion. I hope there are people who can accept the reason for this illogical.

Okay, it's already 2am. Activities for tomorrow are choir practice and tutoring. Wish me luck for 3 DAYS TO FREE!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ges's babbles

Bloggie... huuuhhh! fisika nggak jawab 2! acem??? habis waktunya ngga cukup! di kelas aja 10 soal udah syukur bisa jawab semua. soo help me.... anw, lupakan aku juga senang kali!!!! senang heppii!!! ahahahahaha!!!!!! untungnya ujian tinggal bahasa jerman, ingris, indo, kimia, sama mate. wah.... enak!!! belum lagi natal, seminggu lagi!! hello?? aku ga sabar lihat bajuku. aku mau meledak saking gembiranya (spongebob mode: on) baju baju baju baju...

tapi aku juga sedih, karena.......... badly, i haven't buy naka 75 :'(. aku cuma minjem dari tempat sewa komik, itu pun cuma di kasih satu hari, karena baru keluar. gak mau banyak posting, capek banget. besok ujian bahasa indo. doakan aku supaya tinta pulpen ku ga habis...

so... bye....

PS: hyaaa happy :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Dear bloggie,

I'm really a big mistake this year. Without realizing it, I forget everything that is very important to me. My school, my family, my friends, even something very, very important. I felt so guilty, I made many mistakes and I'm getting careless in all things. Should I regret everything I've done? I think not. There's only regret in my life. But, for me to keep believing! Make me to stay motivated! I'm sure, when I found what I was looking for this, I would be better and move forward with my goals.

So... So .... God ... help me find my goals and guided me to be more focused on goals that You have showed me.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kenot wait for xmas!!

hola bloggie, sorry posting w makin dikit, makin ga ada gambar. pertama karena aku lagi ujian. dari tanggal 1 desember - 16 desember aku berada di neraka. sooo no time for fun :( lucky! the first week itu examnya gampang-gampang. yang aku takutkan, sejarah, penjas, sama fisika. help me TAT!! aku mau off di fb. alsannya karena aku muak dgn fb. aku akan SELALU aktif di blog n twitter dan juga NNC. so bubye....

PS: i just made my new dress for xmas! lolita! I like it! i'm gonna take the picture if it finished.

Friday, December 04, 2009

New skin

W ganti skin. kan udah mau xmas. rencanya w mau buat skin sendiri. Tapi ujian terus. siap ujian aja tanggal 16. So... biar cepat, w ambil aja skin ini. walau headernya agak gimana gituu.... Anw, I ♥ December! don't know wht, but i like it!

I don't want a lot for Christmas  there's just one thing I need  I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree  I just want you for my own  more than you could ever know make my wish come true  All I want for Christmas is... You ♥♥♥

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Near's Quote

If I cannot solve the puzzle, I will be a mere loser

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kweek kweeekk :)

Dear bloggie, w sudah lama banget nggak posting. Banyak banget pr, ujian, dan tugas lainnya. Anw, semalam adalah HARI TERBURUK yang pernah w alami. Udah SIAL, KESAL, MALU lagi! No way! Of course I won't tell those thing on my blog. Pokoknya  w depresi bahkan sampai mau nagnis aja sekalian! Akhirnya w sadar kalau itu adalah salah w dan w yakin masih ada kesempatan lain. Malamnya w curhat sama my soulchat di NNC. Finally, w ngerasa lebih lega....

Anw, exam will begin on the first day of the month December. it means, no  internet, no comics, no anime. So, sorry if I kenot finish the others raws manga. And, wth, kenapa bidang studi yg mudah harus di minggu pertama dan yg hitung-hitungan di minggu terakhir?? oh my, shitlah....  mana baju natal belum w tentuin lagi.

Bulan november adalah bulan yg seharusnya menyenangkan kalau w punya uang. Gak tahu ini, keknya ada tuyul yg nguras abis isi dompet w. Ok, ngingat2 ujian udah di depan mata, gtg, bubye :))

PS: Okay, firstly, sorry for my absence on NNC next 2 weeks. I'll continue upload manga after I've finished exam.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Ya know? Selama 4 HARI, w ngga keramas! MUUAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAAAK!!
cewe macam apa w?? yakin yang pada baca pasti langsung merasa jijik XD jangan gitu dong,,, abis w itu orangnya mau yang simple aja... tapi ga sehat. bos cowo w, sampe marahin w karena ga keramas (lho bukan bos cewe?) jadi w pergi ke simpang naek becak gitu kan.. ama elly n kathrine. pas pulak ujan! si elly nyuruh w nunduk, beberepa menit kemudian hujan semakin deras dan w lupa nunduk. jadi aku bilang sama orang itu, udahlah biar aja sekalian keramas... XD jadi pas w naek angkot gitu, ibu ibu di sebelah w nutup hidung pake saputangan. wah... satu angkot nutup hidung. w udah takut, apa aroma khas yg di rambut ini menggugurkan bulu hidung mereka XD ? ternyata..... ternyata... sebelah w.. ada cowo yang merokok sampe asapnya menutupi satu angkot wkwkwkwkwkwk :D udahlah jangan bahas rambut. cape mau keramas dulu nih. bubye :))

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Chocolate ch 4
Chocolate ch 5 raws

Peluh bersama Kenangan


Aku yakin aku sedang menangis dalam tidur. Malam itu, aku hanya mendengar beberapa pertengkaran kecil di ruang sebelah. Meski aku tahu siapa itu, tapi aku mencoba untuk melupakannya.

Matahari terbit, cahayanya yang masuk menyilaukan kamarku, membuatku selalu ingin tetap di kasur yang empuk. Buku yang terletak di mejaku mengingatkanku akan ulangan hari ini. Aku langsung bergegas mengangkat langkah kakiku yang berat. Aku hanya membolak-balikan halaman buku itu karena yakin sudah membaca semuanya. Aku siap. "Nathali, ayo mandi!! Abangmu sudah bersiap-siap, nanti kamu telat!" Aku bergeas menyusuri kaki-kaki tangga. Bermenit-menit kuhabiskan di kamar mandi, lalu memakai seragam, sarapan dan pergi! Oh ya, aku lupa sesuatu. Kamus, bukan. Kalkulator, bukan. Cemilan, bukan. Nah, aku harus permisi sama sesuatu dulu. "Bye bye. Kita main lagi saat aku pulang sekolah, oke!" Ya, walau aku tidak mengerti apa yang dipikirkannya, aku tahu dia menyukainya.

Kenalkan, dia anjingku! Namanya Pitbull. Meskipun tidak ada campuran darah pitbull di dalamnya, dia hanya anjing kampung biasa. Tapi dia galak, suka menggigit, dan manis. Pitbull tahu segala apa kegundahanku karena aku lebih sering berbicara sendiri dengannya dibandingkan dengan keluargaku. Karena... "Hah! Sudah hampir telat!" Aku tersadar, lalu bergegas ke sekolah.

Hal yang paling menyenangkan di sekolah adalah saat pagi hari, saat mengerjakan soal, dan saat pulang. Aku suka sekolah. Bukan menyombongkan diri, tapi aku termasuk murid berprestasi di sini. Bukan maksud menyombongkan diri. Ini kenyataan. Aku suka hidupku. Aku cantik, pintar, keluargaku berkecukupan, aku rasa, aku adalah orang paling beruntung di dunia ini. Semuanya begitu sempurna.

"Kan sudah aku bilang, jangan pulang malam-malam lagi!" Terdengar suara dari ruang keluarga. "Itu bukan urusanmu! Aku hanya keluar malam karena ada pekerjaan!!" Aku mengintip dari balik pintu dan mendapati mama dan papku sedang bertengkar. Tanpa kusadari, air mata telah mengalir deras di pipiku. Lalu, Pitbull datang dan menemaniku untuk menangis. Rautnya sedih dan tak bersemangat. "Baiklah. Ayo ke kamar." Aku mengajaknya ke kamar untuk menceritakan apa yang barusan terjadi. Abangku belum pulang dari lesnya, jadi aku tidak punya teman untuk bercerita di rumah.

"Pitbull, kau dengar, kan? Papa dan mama barusan bertengkar." Dia hanya menunduk.
"Setiap kata yang dikeluarkan mereka, membuat air mataku jatuh." Sekali lagi dia hanya menunduk.
"Tapi yang membuatku kembali ceria adalah kamu." Dia mengangkat kepalanya, lalu menjilati air mata di pipiku.
"Hahaha. Geli. Berhentilah."
Terima kasih. Aku kembali ceria. Aku sudah berjanji agar masalah ini tidak merusak kepribadianku.

Abangku sudah pulang dan aku menceritakan semuanya kepadanya. Dia mengerti dan menyuruhku untuk tidak ikut campur. Dia sepertinya sudah semakin dewasa. Aku bangga mempunyai saudara sepertinya.
"Lebih baik, kamu nggak usah pikirkan masalah orang dewasa."
"Kenapa? Aku 'kan hanya ingin papa dan mama akur kembali."
"Palingan itu hanya pertengkaran 'suami-istri' seperti biasa."
Perkataan itu seolah-olah membuatku berpikir bahwa pertengkaran itu tidak sama dengan pertengkaran biasanya. Kamudian aku melontarkan pertanyaan lagi.
"Bang, apa yang terjadi bila papa dan mama tidak pernah akur lagi?"
Dia terdiam sesat.
"Mana aku tahu!" Jawaban itu pun mengakhiri pertanyaanku.

Pagi seperti biasanya, sempurna. Aku bermain dengna Pitbull, dia tampak lebih semangat. Aku sangat menyayanginya. Umurnya sudah 2 tahun. Saat berangkat ke sekolah adalah awal dari kesedihan yang tak pernah kubayangkan. Saat naik mobil, aku melihat anjingku mengejar kami. Laju mobil semakin cepat dan meninggalkannya di belakang. Lalu muncullah rasa khawatir ini. Rasa seperti aku tak akan pernah melihat Pitbull lagi.

"Eh, Nat, ponselmu bunyi tuh." Salah seorang temanku mengingatkanku.
"Ponselku di mana ya?"
"Tadi di tasmu deh."
"Oh. Makasih."
Sebaris pesan mengejutkanku. Hal yang paling tidak kuinginkan. Hal yang paling kubenci, yaitu kehilangan sesuatu yang amat sangat berharga. Aku bergegas menyusun barang dan pulang.
"Eh, Nes, kalau ditanya BP bialng aku permisi, ya. Aku.. ada urusan."
"Ok, Nat."

Aku pulang karena dia, anjingku, Pitbull, menghilang. Dia hialng di pagi hari. Dari beberapa tetangga yang melihatnya, katanya Pitbull tersesat. Aku takut, aku menangis. Pitbull sangat takut pada truk. Dia juga pernah tersesat dan hampir ditabrak. Aku takut hal itu terjadi lagi. 'Tuhan, kumohon lindungi Pitbull.' Sampai malam hari, papa dan mamaku serta abangku ikut mencarinya. Aku lelah bukan karena mencari Pitbull dari siang hari, tapi karena aku menangis dari siang hari.

Sesampainya di rumah, orangtuaku bertengkar lagi dan itu membuatku tambah pusing. Aku ingin semuanya kembali normal. Tapi aku tetap menangis seperti pengecut yang tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa. Aku mendengar suara pukulan dan itu membuatku takut. Aku tidak tahu apa yang terjadi. Aku berlari mencari abangku. Abangku hanya memelukku dan terdiam.

Beberapa bulan kemudian, Pitbull tidak ditemukan. Air mataku sudah mengering. Orang tuaku berbaikan seperti semula dan berjanji tidak akan bertengkar lagi. Waktu itu, prestasiku menurun karena begitu banyak yang membani pikiranku. Orang tuaku sadar dan mulai mengintropeksi diri sendiri. Aku berjanji tidak akan menagnis hanya karena hal seperti ini lagi. Ke depannya aku akan terus melanjutkan apa yang sempat terhenti. Yah, dan sekarang dia berada di sampingku. Anjing baruku. Dia baru berumur 2 bulan. Dia jenis anjing kampung, tapi mempunyai campuran Golden Retriever. Kenalkan namanya Scooby Doo. Aku suka memakai nama dari suatu tokoh kartun. Dia menggerak-gerakkan ekornya yang menandakan mau bermain-main denganku.
"Aku pergi dulu ya, Ma!!" seruku.
"Iya. Suruh abangmu mengantarmu!"
Ku temukan abangku sudah di depan rumah menungguku, lalu aku naik ke motornya. Sejujurnya aku malas mengikuti kelas renang hari ini karena hari ini adalah hari libur. Lalu tampaklah dari sudut ekor mataku yang memaksaku untuk berteriak "STOP!"
"Ada apa?"
"Lihat! Lihat!!"
Pandangan kami tertuju pada sebuah biara, tepatnya seperti gereja Katolik. Tempatnya sepi, rapi, dan di depan gereja itu terdapat tanah kosong yang luas sehingga membuatku merasa gereja ini terletak di pegunungan. Tepat di depan gerbang gereja itu, tampak seekor anjing berwarna cokelat dengan muncung hitam dan ekor yang naik ke atas. Lalu anjing itu membuat kami terkejut dengan suaranya yang persis seperti suara yang sudah kulupakan. Aku mengambil ponselku dan memotretnya.

Air mata ini tidak dapat tertahan, dia kenanganku, dia Pitbull-ku. Tapi dia bukan milikku lagi. Dia sudah dipelihara oleh orang yang jauh lebih baik. Di tempat yang hening dari keramaian yang membuatmu sesak. Waktu yang terus maju tidak dapat memutar kenanganku kembali.
"Sudahlah, Nat. Ayo kita pergi."
"Hiks... hiks... Tapi, dia?"
"Dia lebih bahagia di sana."
"Yah. Benar."
Kutinggalkan dia sekali lagi. Aku sudah punya Scooby. Kuusap air mataku, karena aku percaya aku sudah menggenggam kebahagianku.

Story Telling Competition
Grazie-Manga Support

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stupidos Day :)

Today, Adit will follow the speech contest. So I, Elly, Omi, Reni, and Aeth told to be his supporter. We think, better go, because it did not learn. Apparently ... Want to know what we experienced? Let's continue reading.

1. We went by car Mam Valen. We are pleased that not learn. I'm also happy because I'm not a step forward.

2. When I got there, Adit Hereinafter serial number 94. How far that number.

3. When we walked into the room the five of us did not get the bench. Valen so Mom told us to stand.

4. because the committee saw us standing, the teacher finally told to get out and escort us to get a seat.

5. Suddenly there was a sudden inspection and non-participants are expected to come out.

6. We were expelled and the most embarrassing thing was that we looked at one room for too long out.

7. We waited outside and the bet is a fool.

8. We are looking for the toilet but did not find it.

9. There are someone who think that we are speech contest participants are late and told us to go home.

10. Met with alumni SMAN4. He is pretty cool!

11. Back to the room, waiting for Adit's turn.

12. More pictures on the stairs, many people pass by, so devastated her picture. *oii aku yg ikat rambut pake tas pink!! :)*

13. Got a cake later. Previously ordered to share the cake.

14. Adit speech, we pray.

15. got a rice packets, eat outside.

16. Announcements, Adit into the next round. Tx God.

* optional: we can mail the quiz to match the central bank of the BI. Then one of us asked to submit to the principal. This quiz-like game "Who Dare". Participants numbered 5 people. Actually we want to run, but the letter was first asked Valentina and Mom gave us off directly to the principal .*

Although much bad luck we had, but we're happy because not learn. Hahahaha .. Joking. We are pleased that Adit passes to the next round. May God continue to guide him to the final.

Oh yes, chemistry class today, I and Omi can drink for free because it could answer the question. So ... bubye ...


1. my class when the lamps were turn off and rain heavily :))

2. Ich und aga (aku dan agatha)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dear bloggie...

w semalam gak sempat posting, karena begitu pulang les kan nyamp rumah jam 8.30pm. nah pas nyampe, w langsung tidur pulas tanpa mengganti baju maupun kaos kaki >///<. Jadi pas bangun w heran, kok w tidur di sekolah hahahahaha XD freak! anw, semlam w baca buku si dina, judulnya go blog! keren, dalamnya ada cd. tapi w ga ngerti apa tuh maksud cdnya. huwwaaaaaaaaa bloggie, udah bulan november nih! banyak banget yang seru seru! ada shugo chara, naka 74, tapi yang paling paling sangat mengesalkan adalah di minggu ke 2. Karena di minggu itu, mulai ujian lagii T_T, itu berarti w jarang internatan lagi doonngg.... oh ya besok, adit bakalan ikut speech contest! wish he luck ya! byk pr, byk tugas, bubye :))

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Posting kali ini w pake bahasa aja ya... As I said, hari ini w pergi ke Sun. Rencanyan sih ama egi and angel aja.. tapi teman egi ikut. it's okay sih, biar rame. Kita cuma makan dan ke gramed, karena egi gak bisa traktir. uangnya ilang... so.. gitu deh.. di gramed w beli 4 buku. Sheila yg book2 sama komik 3 biji, my platinum lady. Aku beli novel SHEILA karena aku udah beli edisi pertama nya beberapa tahun yang lalu. CEritanya amazing, adorable, fantastic, great! Sheila nya udah remaja, dia jadi anak punk gitu, tapi dia melupakan masa kecilnya saat di kelas waktu itu. kalo mau tau lebih jelas.. beli aja sendiri. tangan w capek nin ngetik setebal itu :P anw, w baru ikut story telling comp-nya tsunao san, w kasih judul "PELUH BERSAMA KENANGAN" wah judulnya lebai amat sama temanya (hewan peliharaan). Ok. mau mikitkan tema dulu... bye... XD

Gaptek Holic!

Bloggie, I just bought a new handphone! So Friday, I take it to school. Because I had an appointment at elly and Omi, that I would take him to school. But I've warned them, that my new hp is not like hp usually. More precisely as a PDA. They just ignore ...

The next day ...

I brought my mobile! Elly had asked for a quick out. When I remove it, here's the type of my mobile :)

They just hold it. Angel also follow-up grasp. But they do not entirely understand how to use it. To be honest, my first time use, I also do not understand. however, because I've learned to not finish math homework, I know how to use it. From here begins, that every person who holds my mobile will be technology illiterate aka gaptek XD

No fun, is not it, if not complete bxc members. then we went to the cafe. During the wait for a space. They want to see my new hp, which originally wanted their pictures taken ria, so it would not be because they do not know how to use it. Gaptek comes word XD

Then when the next class, there are those who borrowed my mobile, in less than 1 minute, he returned it because it did not know. Hahaha funny!! thanks to my new mobile, so everybody thinks their gaptek! Do not be so freak :D

Anw, this Saturday I will hang out with egi and angel. and, I'm trying to learn how to use the internet from my mobile, let me not get caught gaptek: P. So,, bye ...

Oh yes, I can only post nih package. Comics from Hikari (NNC). Apparently arriving too fast. Once home from school, my mama told me if there's direct shipment for me.

This is it!!

Ok.. gtg.. bye XD

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glorious me!

Dear Bloggie ...

Sorry, because these days I rarely post. Homework, exams, assignments, always up my day and said, you can not touch the internet today ... Okay ... Today was really great! We conducted a ceremony to commemorate the day "Youth Pledge". As usual, the choir took place to contribute several songs. Unlike other schools, our schools still hold a teaching and learning today. Huh ... pity us :(

Gym class today, still the same as last week, volleyball. Ahh ... I do not like this one. I like sports, good for health. But, volleyball makes me hands red and sore. Especially when the ball fell into the moat, so dirty ...

After exercise, maths. The teacher told sebangkuku friends, moved to the front, because people in front of the hot and the fan needs. Happened to our place near the time with a fan. Ahh .. wth ... Luckily, he only briefly.

We went out to play second, I'm with my friends to go to the library. We want to return the book. In the library, my friend, Dina, even learning to be bad moods aka do not want to talk with us. Continues, we pretended to ignore so ... Yeh .. finally he wanted to talk, even laugh, so would've beat neighbor friend put her belt * hahahaha u must be kidding *

Final lesson, English. We were told, makes dialogue and displays them in front of the class. Should be ready in 25 minutes and work in pairs. I'm with my bench, Elly. I translated it, Elly membuut stories and expressions, and I just added an interesting dialogue. Hahahaha the first time Dina called XD. Then the name I was called in third. I was nervous. I'm afraid, Elly, forget the text, because her dialogue are too long. When we did it, what happens is a class laughing at our performances. Honestly not our appearance, but Elly's appearance! OMG! Elly really show what she said at the bench. I'm embarrassed. Especially when there is a scene outside the text that is struck. Elly slap me ... Obviously I was immediately surprised and I forgot next text ... After that, a classmate at providing excessive applause XD. I am pleased and ....... shameful. Thank you Elly.

Okay, I want to do math and chemistry homework. So, bye ... oh yes tomorrow is the birthday of one of bxc, Egi.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Skin :)

Bye pink... oke w mau pakai skin yg lama, tapi menarik. w baru tahu kalo ternyata w prefer dark daripada bright. gimana pendapat kelen oii? bagus tak... I hope so :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Haaaa... aku mau ganti layout, tapi aku lupa keywordnya!! gimana nih gan! anw, w udah lama banget ngga padus, haaaisssh! ntar kalo masuk langsung tak di cakapin XD... omg... kok akhir-akhir ini chat di NNC makin sepi ya... aku rindu rai chan... ok fokus cari komik dulu *tabok* wkwkwkwkwk... tobat tobat... bye fellas :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


W posting kali ini gak mau pake yang aneh-aneh lah.. takut yang baca jadi tersinggung atau mikir yang aneh aneh. jadi malu posting panjang panjang... ehhh... ngga ada topik nih... oh ya aku mau ganti layout, menurut minna, layout yang bagus itu warna apa?? aku sih suka merah terus hitam, matching gitu warnanya. keknya aku mau coba buat sendiri gan! tapi butuh waktu lama, kira kira 1 masehi XD mungkin hitam bagus... oke deh mumpung ada waktu kosong sebanyak 100 hari, aku mau cari layout dulu.... *kidding*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buat Badge

Aku coba coba buat badge nih untuk NNC. Semoga hasilnya tidak seburuk yang ku duga :D

Image Hosted by

Explosion ^^

Yesterday, we have a chemistry class. The lesson of Thermochemistry. This chapter is quite difficult chapter and the chapter many counts.

Anw, we conducted experiments on Eksoterm and Endoterm class this time.

for Eksoterm, the teacher made the experiment of sodium metal. He said, if this amount of sodium metal (for seed bow), then immersed in water in a small container, then a school and even the highway will explode! BOOOMMM! so, because avoiding it, the teacher was only envy sodium, just a little, then dip it in a test tube containing water. Previously, we were all told to back off and away. Within 3 seconds, changed to sodium fire explosive. The fire is huge, and then exploded. Then the teacher, told us to get out of the lab, because there Hidrogen gas. Actually, the gas was not dangerous, but disrupt the atmosphere.
Then, he had made an attempt to Endoterm. He uses the same materials from Ammonia Barium. "Dimasukkannya" into the test tube, and then shook. Then the tube was cold as ice, and when the father told us to kiss her, came out a very interesting smell served until making his nose hairs fall out. Odor wc! smells times! smell !!!!!!
okay lah... gtg. bye XD

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Very busy. This week I will rarely post. homework, exams, solving problems, choirs, papers, presentations. So, I will post the weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sedikit emosi c:

Hola bloggie, kali ini w posting pake bahasa aja ya. Lagi ngga ada waktu buat lipat-lipat nih lidah. Anw, w les hari ini. Seru loh... w awalnya cerita ama pals w aja, cerita hantu. w bilang kalo temen w bisa liat hantu, eh jadinya satu ruangan ceritain hantu di sekolah masing-masing XD memanglah anak jaman sekarang... hari ini hasil TO STAN keluar. w kan ngga ikut TO, jadi cuma liat liat hasil orang aja. wah... hebat banget temen w dapat peringkat belasan dari 800an orang. w juga dengar gosip, kalo yang juara 1 itu psst pssttt pssttt.... ada deh! S.E.C.R.E.T! bisa ketangkap w kalo bocorin disini :D yang pasti w gak nyesal karena ga ikut, karena w tahu hal kek gini bakal terjadi... haisssh!

bloggie, minggu ini padat banget sama ujian, tapi yang paling menakutkan dan mengguncangkan dunia adalah  ujian fisika. masa 1 kelas ngga ada yang lulus?! udah gitu nilai tertinggi itu nilai 5! apa kata satu sekolah kalo kelas unggulan gak ada yang lulus??!! malu malu malu kita semua, hancurlah kelas yang sudah dipercaya ini, hahahahahahag :D

bukan w namanya kalo langsung putus asa, kan masih ada ujian ke 2... w harus bisa! hosssh!! ternyata yang paling membelah dunia adalah ujian agama! ih sumpah! swer! samber badai! salah satu huruf aja, langsung disalahkan! temen w buat kreativ harusnya kreatif, langsung disalahkan! padahal jawabannya panjang, apa hanya karena masalah sekecil itu langsung ngga dapat nilai?! aku ngga ngerti bagaimana cari beliau berpikir... upsss W NGGA MAU MENJELEK-JELEKAN ORANG DI BLOG W, DI DUNIA W!

pr untuk minggu ini banyak banget, apalagi yang presentasi sama makalah, ditambah lagi pr fisika yang 1juta soal (wuiih!), ditambah pr pr lain... bagaimana w bisa mempelajari smeuanya hanya dalam seminggu?? bagaimana bisa w menyelesaikan semuanya hanya dalam seminggu? w harap guru-guru bisa mengerti kalo kepintaran kami bukan hanya diukur oleh pr yang bisa dicontek itu. w juga bisa beljar dari luar sekolah, you know! stay hepiliong and santailiong but still studyliong XD

Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy day! Happy school :)

I'm enjoying the good times in SHS nih! We as youth must have a good time at school right? Anyway, post this time, I mix with the post last night. * Just Like a cake, mixed everything *


Today I'm very spirit of learning, so I tried to keep concentration. After school, I still have a chemistry class. The lesson for this chapter is not difficult, quite easy actually. Thermochemistry chapter which may be difficult. Then, the teacher showed us, a solution of copper. Blue. There is a liquid, and there is a solid or hardened. Then he took a piece of tin and dipped in a solution of it. In a few seconds, zinc was immediately change color to black color. He was saying, if continue dipped zinc, then zinc will be destroyed. Then if the solution is allowed, without the inserted object, then the solution will harden and become solid. Waaawww ... Actually, many chemical reactions in our lives that we do not know. I like chemistry!

(Friday, TGIF :D)

Today there is a choir practice begins at 2pm. I was tutoring at 3pm, so I just plan to come half an hour. 11am after school hours. Angel and I waited for the training egi aka MD modern dance. Elly, Anz, and Adit, go to the cafe. Naomi has chemistry class, because it was Thursday, she was part of socialization in Grand Antares to join Coral quiz. So while waiting, I'm with my classmates, taking a lot of crazy picture. Coridor class at all, would we put the force. Apparently my friends I had, crazy all ya!


I, Omi, and Angel, has appointments to choir practice today. The Omi continued mock Angel, because Angel dress looked like "tante-tante". And she thought it was mediocre. You know, Angel is quite fashionable not like Omi. * sorry * Huwaa ... practice today there is a division teams! Angel aka Masnog, can direct team A when come! Omi in team A, but she's soprano 1 * sayonara Omi: P *


Anyway, on Monday, some of our classmates will follow the Olympiad of Coral Reef. If they win, they will become ambassadors of Medan, like last year. And if they win, the competition will continue on 10 October 2009, where the day was the birthday celebration of Koinonia. Obviously I do not want them do not attend! Nida is the chairman of the committee. sis Gio said, if Nida was not present, then I, as a secretary, who will speak in front! NO NO NO NO NO! I'm nervous, you know! Then, my besties aka Omi could not attend! I won't come if she doesn't come too. It because of, Omi really funny ... and friendly... I hate to said that! But it's true... *shy... haaaissh! =_=* So please God... make them not to win the olympiad. I know I'm selfish, but, I won't, .... something changed. True, change is really scary.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


w posting pake bahasa aja yo. sorry banget, w uda lama banget ngga posting. pr, ujian, kelewat banyak! dan aku hanya bisa ol malam. itu pun jam 12 langsung tidur. pas ngga ada tigas atau ujian, kompie w malah bermasalah. huh... sorry banget ya... aku ngga menampilkan award, soalnya aku kurang mengerti. aku lagi ngga mood posting. udah topik lama semua. dan aku lagi menunggu SHUGO CHARA CHAPTER 45!! sama NAKAYOSHI 73!

huaahhaahahaa! mau ngumpulin uang ah buat beli komik! bloggie... ada TO STAN you know, tapi w ga ikut. w ga punya cukup money and i guess w bisa lihat soalnya dari punya my bruder, soalnya soal stan nya sama kelas 2 n 3. mending uangnya buat beli komik. hahahahha *tabok* anw, tadi aku pas di jalan aka di angkot, terjadi hal yang membuat mukaku petak! ada kakak kakak bilang "dek dek, *pssttt pssssttt pstttt ppssssssssttt*" haaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! wth! wtf! ternyata aku dapat satu gudang komik!! ya nggalah!!!!!!! retsleting aku tebuka!!! pas pula di bagian tngah!!! shit lah! untung aku duduk di paling belakang jadi ngga da yang nampak kecuali ibu ibu sama kakak tadi. malu haaiissh! uda ya bloggie capek, mau belajar dulu :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

My serious school day has started

Wuih judulnya keren amat. Iya dong... okey pals, w mau posting pake bahasa nih. Capek kalo pake english melulu. So... hari ini udah masuk. W seneng banget, ketemu sama pals yag lain, tapi pas nyampe kelas, teman-teman sekelas pada sibuk ngerjain pr... Haissh!! Aku nga mau ketinggalan. Ikut juga lah... :D Pas uda bel, kita upacara. Ih w males banget! Malah w ikut padus lagi! Jujur aja selama nynayi w ga nyanyi, abis suara w udah abis aka batuk aka ga ada suara. Terus guru pada sibuk barisin anak kelas 10 sama anak sos. Aku baru tahu ternyata ada kelas 10-9, pas zaman aku sampe 10-8. Menurut berita yang ada, anak sos pada dipukulin di lapangan dan ngga di kasih masuk kelas... Ih serem amat!

Anw si masnog uda balek and katanya dia bawa oleh-ole sama anak bxc. Pokoknya aku senang banget ketemu teman, walau di pagi hari sudah keluar kata ngantuk dari mulut ini hahahahah :D Pelajaran hari ini ngga ada itung-itungan, dan aku benci itu! aku benci pelajaran agama! bukan berarti aku ngga menghormati agama ku ya, tapi aku ngga suka gurunya. Guru awalnya lagi sakit dan belum keluar, dan penggantinya adalah.... red. So, w sebel bgt! masa w disuru mimpin nyanyi, padahal w bilang w lagi batuk dan agak susah ngeluarin suara, eh maksa aja! Pokoknya menyebalkan! keknya semua anak kelas 11 gak pala suka sama nya! Pokoknya menyebalkan banget! aku ngga mau masuk BP, karena menjelek"annya di internet :p

Jelas w kesal! Ga mau nyanyi! Terus gurunya ngulang sampe 3 kali sampe w mau nyanyi dalam posisi siap. Temen2 pada ketawa, sebagian pihak pengen cepat pulang. Jadi pas masih ketawa mereka, langsung ku buka doa, dan mereka diam. Ada kata-kata dlama doaku yang bikin semua temenku bahkan si guru ketawa dalam doa... hahahahahahahaaaa... aku bilang, Tuhan tolong engkau ampuni dosanya (nya refers to guru) wkwkwkwkwk!!! aku dener temenku pada cekikian di blkang, aku udah mau ketawa juga, tapi doa ku belum selesai.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Udah siap doa si guru nanya, dosa siapa yg mau diampuni hah?? Aku bilang aja dosa si beliau wkwkwkwkwk... Temen2ku mendukung juga lohhh.... wah aku enang bisa buat orang senang tapi aku ga senang liat orang tertawa pas aku ngga tertawa... :p W mau lanjut belajar buat besok.. Haaiisssh *tabok*!

Okey.. Peace God, peace girls, peace for u all!! :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The tragedy

Today, precisely on Saturday at 5 a.m. there was a fire in my home area. I could not sleep because of the hours of 5, I heard a fire engine. When I woke up, the lights were off. I went out to see the situation. Outside the house there are my bro, my mom, and my dad. Woww ... As I'm outside, I looked up, saw the thick smoke. Then look tiny stars the luminous gaze. At that time I hope, that morning could not come soon. In order to keep the star in the sky. I have not seen so many stars in such a smoggy city. My brother and my dad went to the scene. They brought cameras and flashlights. Me and my dreams wait. I stayed outside, saw the beauty of the morning sky, the beauty of the star. I hope the lights stay off. the sky began to light, the smoke became more clear. They came back and showed us some pictures from that location. Can you see that? I can not stand to see it. I immediately went to the place, many people see it. total burning house is 5 houses, and flames licked the 1st house again. The highway traffic, a car fire has repeatedly sounded the siren. All people with a bucket and helped lift barng-goods. I'm surprised the road so much, could be bad for firefighters gathered a dozen cars at one place. I was curious and tried to look more closely. Shortly kemudia sound of shattering glass and the sound explodes, BOOUMMM! I was immediately startled, and took my camera to record it. Some media have come to cover the news. Greater fire and thick smoke had covered my eyes. I quickly moved away because it is difficult to get air. When the fire was smaller, I returned to the house. Lights have also lived and gas is also shut down the center. And now, I'm tired, want to do homework. School starts Monday. Bye home ...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Countdown to entrance??

The reason why I'm not posting this long are because I opened NNC and because there was no activity that could be called posting material. Anyway, the holiday was going to the end. Bye home ... bye fun ... bye comics .... DVD, bye .... Bye wake up lately... bye all. I'll miss you!! School starts next week. I do not know what will happen, for sure my time on the internet and online play, will increasingly become a little more. Because this is not going to start the test, I have more serious study. I try to make a real life schedule:
  1. After school, there is no comic.
  2. Time to learn to be reproduced so that the time to play only 1 / 8 of time studying. Wah this is really bad!
  3. There is no modem, no online!! This is the most severe! (Actually, I have a modem, but I mostly use my brother's phone, if a modem, it will heat faster and stop sometimes, because my modem was little, so portable. So my brotherwill have so many activities or anything so he's bringing his cell phone and I could not online!!)
Geez .... Many really what I was thinking. I think, soon my head will explode. And damn! I forgot to take care of something very, very important. Secret you know. Bloggie, I, elly, and Egi are not talking with Adit. I'm afraid Adit will really upset. Adit has said sorry for many times from the phone to facebook. Then Egi said, we will talk with him until the first day entrance. But that's a week again! I'm sure, Adit will angry at us.

Well Bloggie, sayonara ... Must do the homeworks. Oh ya and... I haven't take a shower since 2 days ago!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stupidos girl...

I just don't know but I feel like I am a murder. So just now I sprayed all ants on my desk with perfume. They ate a snack or something. And it's so annoyed me, so I sprayed it. I feel so bad! I'm scared God will mad to me. what should I do now? Trying apologize to their family? I mean ant familie and her grandpa grandma?? ohh my...

We're back!

Huh, it seems indeed Wednesday was a full day I was at home. But because there was chemistry lessons and choir I had to go to school. If I do not have chemistry lessons, usually I'm lazy out again and that means I miss the choir practice . It turned out that the theory of my speculation was right! Indeed I was destined to miss practice today. The proof is that today there is no chemistry lessons. I waited alone in the school like a fool, and Hallelujah chemistry class was canceled, because the teachers are still some business, shit!

Anw, yesterday, I bought 72 Nakayoshi! Haissh!! Moreover, AAA. Shugo Chara, I've read it on manga online. But for me, Shugo Chara still number 1!

Oh ya I've got a new card member of NNC. Check this out!

Cool, isn't it? I ♥ red.

Today is raining very heavily, yes! I like the rain but I hate lightning! Not hate, but fear. So if it rains, I hope that there is no lightning. Yayy! Tomorrow I want to watch 3D movies with BXC. So bubyee!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


seriously. No mood for posting. maybe later. bye

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Long long post :)

Hi, Bloggie. Yesterday we went to the commissioner aka Choir Competition. Me and my brother came too late. The first event the service, so we skip it. When I arrived, I remembered that I had no ticket. My ticket was booked and all, but a student category. Hey, I do not have enough money to buy a ticket banayk VIP. But strangely, we were given a regular seat. Decent seat in front. Hahahaha so my level to have a brother. My brother was angry, he updates his facebook status, hold the phone his friends for our dismissal. For me, it doesn't matter. After all, I've watched half the show.

I was very lucky to be there. I met my friends and my best friend Junior. I also see the creativity of other schools. Overall champion is the St. Thomas. But I think, for the best supporter, Methodist 3 better. But according to the judges, it's okay lah. But I was really upset. Out of our choir did not participate. Huhhuhuuuuaaaaaaa T_T. Me and my friend, Nida, sad! But never mind. Maybe for the other activities we could participate.
anw bloggie, bahasa mode on, w lagi hobi banget buka NNC. pas banget buat w yang hobi baca naka. wkwkwkwkwk. Keknya ntar lagi w masuk sekolah. tapi pr masih numpuk. Okay bloggie, posting ini yang paling ane. rencananya mau ku publish sabtu itu, tapi gak jadi jadi. wkkwwkwkwk. Ges stay active on POUPEEGIRL and NNC. C u girls!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be yourself

Holla bloggie. Still a long holiday. Today there is no chemistry lessons in the lab because the teacher was no business for 8 days. I miss bxc members. Yesterday was Lia's birthday. Happy birtday, girl! Looks like I'll fill it with a 3-week study. Tuition, doing homework, discussion, and blah blah blah. I was really tired. So zeal for wanting to learn to get good grades and college entrance favorite dream, I'd forgotten to choir practice. Last Wednesday, my brother and I miss exercise.
I was thinking about my future. I have to appreciate what is in me. I'm neither smart nor intelligent. And I'm "intropeksi" (how to spell intropeksi???) myself so I can be myself. Sounds easy, right? All this being yourself is a very difficult thing for me. I always look at the great and perfect person. Until I feel like I want to be it. But I was wrong. I'm not being myself. Remember this, not only those who succeed are called great. I still have other things that can be proud of. I still have a lot of achievement to show off.
After thinking about all this, I'm getting the spirit to live this life (lebay). I'm glad to have a good friend and always there when I'm sad. "Remember, friends are like a shining star. Among the other stars, it still shining. So you have to look among the many stars. That is indeed a difficult thing to get friends. When you get it, you'll understand the existence of the star. Even though the sky changed, the star will remain the same. Friends are just like a star which will never change and faithfully with you even though your life like the sky."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The story in the Sunday morning

Hi, still a long vacation and my activities were fewer. So excuse me for not posting this because of POUPEEGIRL. Very interesting game and the lure to know more fashion. Anyway, it looks like the morning of sporting activities scheduled once a week. That means my body will get sick and I'm getting tired. I'm lazy to come when that comes only a few. And I am a spirit come when alumni who come to treat us.
This week I have started to open my lesson book. Not because school starts but because Try out is in sight. Well like I want to continue playing first. Then learn. Why? Am I wrong? Okay, serious play and learn and play and learn and then to church and doing homework. I think I'll be tired with my activities today.
Oh yes, today is Aditya's birthday. He's smart, nice, impatient, wanna be Chinese, sometimes selfish, sometimes fanatical, and a big fan of Agnes Monica. But overall, he's good with people of good to him.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Hi. doing nothing is the best in me for this week. I skip practise aka padus today because my besties are not come. Angel in Jakarta and Omi join a deutsch olympiad, wish she luck! Waiting make me crazy and confuse, of course for shugo Chara chapter 44. I wanna read it quickly but manga online haven't publish it, it came out on 3 Sept, lame isn't it? How long I must wait until the newest of SC??
anw, fuck off for all plagiad and stupid suicide terorist bom! Go to the hell and enjoy your pain in there! No happiness for you all, jerk. Oh ya now, I started to learn piano eemm I still the amateur you know and I'm not pro. I just interest when my brother playing it. I miss my friends, school, and something which make me feel tired.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My mind

Hi bloggie...
I'm really tired for a week because of practised as usual. and I must do my homework to have a good reasonance. My dad has back from Batam and he brought some chocolate.
It's still holiday and I have not a good story for a month or a week, maybe. Anw Shugo Chara chapter 44 come out sept 3, so I can't wait for it (Amuto). O ya, I feel like I am the one who never had a luck. I hate it and I hate all the people who lied. someone who lie to her/himself not ever know the truth. Fuck off to this kind people. I also dislike people who always see anyone from outside not inside, shit!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


it's really long time without blogging, huh?!
yes, school stuff. Technically, my school was closed until 29 september because of "puasa". I hate kind of this. I prefer school and have lesson than stay at home and do homeworks for a month! geez... finally i've finished my chemie. It's quite simple, you know? after that I'll do math. and... physics eem for the last. ya when I was in first grader i really like physics and everything about it I'll do. Now... I feel like I'm boring. Sometimes, the things which we're like will easier make us boring. omg, try out on Sept 13 I think study is my priority now.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pc and desk

I just woke up and immediately opened the computer. usually my brother who holds the first computer, but because he was tutoring chemistry, I got an early shift. Honestly I'm not in the mood for another post, but because of all open the internet, I post it. the reason I opened the internet is to watch Shugo Chara Doki episode 97. But from two days ago, I could not watch. Anw Shugo Chara Doki episode 98 came out on Friday on August 28 at 7pm - 8pm. usually the hell will appear three or four hours later.
I'm playing POUPEEGIRL. very interesting game, especially for girls. and pity me, i forgot my homeworks. i just remind one more and it is penjas, collect the news of sport everyday since first day on august and it finish at 31th august. now 25th and i haven't write about it!!! urgent!!! i need some help!! my dad always brought newspaper but idk where's it now. God lend me Your hand...
oke i've got a clue from God, it said turn off your pc and go to your desk. take your pen and book then think smart to do it. i think i should do it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


hola bloggies, long time no see la. there so many schoolstuff that i must done. anw, i have 1 word that make me sooo relieve. H.O.L.I.D.A.Y. yup yup yup. puasa. my school holidays a month. the most painful during the holidays is the task of the school a.k.a homeworks. I want to burn all my books and burn it as deep as possible. not only homeworks but also rein! how may I can enjoy the holiday? technically this is not a holiday. private schools do not leave. yah we just state schools, the majority Muslims, so our school holiday ten days a month. essence, while other schools to learn, our school holidays. then the teacher gave us a task that we continue to learn even though the holiday.
Talking talking about a holiday, there is someone who most enjoy the holidays, her name is masnog aka masniari aka angel! she has holiday to Jakarta then Bandung. good times eh? then, she invites me to participate in the holidays with her. angel you are the weird human I ever seen. how can she finish her homeworks? or.... she do it at school kali ya?!
rate after the holidays I have to learn the more enterprising! no time for computer, dvd, and comics. but it is very difficult not to read the comic in two days. especially Shugo Chara! I waited longer this chapter 44. I also want to buy nakayoshi 71. how can I hold. when Muslims are forbidden to eat, I even fasting comics.
私の漫画と日本は本当に好きだ。私も日本人女性のスタイルを変更してください。でも私の父は、日本語文字を使用すると述べた。友人の友人は私も本当に日本のようなものです。because of it, i really really really crazy to it. ok homeworks called me. sayonara~~

Saturday, August 15, 2009


bloggie, sesuai yg aku bilang kemaren, hari ini aku dan pals mau nyanyi.... banyak kendala loh yang datang. adalah yang dicariin mamanya, ada yang ga tau alamat, ada yang ga bisa dihubungi. finally yang datang hanya 8 orang dari 12 orang yang diundang. anw cape ceritainnya uda malam coi.. gambarnya aja ya :) tha tha...