Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Grave

i still in a gloomy mood, still remember my aunt. today i went to makam pahlawan with my classmate. our teacher, Ms. Betty, gave us the very first chance to visit it. she said we must there on time which was 9am. but the truth... we arrived at 10am.
while waiting for it, we ate. with the other classmate. oh masa muda.. then we late again. Ms. betty had in there and we still ate. we ate as fast as we could. and raaaannnn!!!!!!!!!
we watched film about a hero. Dr. Ferdinand Tobing and... i forgot. cause i disliked any histories.
we walked around the grave yard. we asked the guide, taked pictures. when i and reginta wanted to go to christian grave we got stop by Ms. betty. uh im christian. why couldn't I??
lucky we took lllooootttt pictures. with the kepala dinas sosial, teachers, and the others yang terhormat. our meeting is perdana. so i happy :)

with elly's bag



windri, nadila, egi, elly, me, omy, delwie, dian

without me

me and omy

smile :)

we continue our perjalanan to internet cafe. i helped naomi made a account. when i arrived at home. my mom asked me to accomponied her to find a grave for my aunt. i said no. but my dad said "biar bisa melihat dunia''. i really bored. i hate grave yard. i hate death. think this is the place where my aunt will live forever.back to home with my dad and my mom. i sad. so i told you my sadness in this blog.oh ya breaking dawn finally release. i read that the price is 80.000. but i dont know the real price in gramed. u must order it firstly. i want to buy one too...
ig''z :'(

Double Trouble

sorry i didn't post last night. many reason but i cant tell you why. now im sad. i have told you about my aunt haven't I?? i believe she feel happy after what she done in this world. even i never see her anymore, but im sure someday we will be together again. bye...
now forget the sadness cause the sun rise changed the moon. the rain stopped and you will the sky blue again. i went to school with my weight coconuts. Ms. Tina command us to brought sabut kelapa sebanyak 20 biji.
we learn embroidery. uggh. i hate "girl homeworks" cause i never do that. bell rang at 11.15am. we decided to drama practice. first we want to practice in reginta's house. but her familys came and we practiced in school.
while i walked, i met bro william. uuhh padus member terpaksa harus bicara. he asked" dek hari ini padus kan? i said"ngga bang aku mau renang" he said"ga usah renang abang aja ga renang pas kelas satu' i said"kelas satu tahun lalu kan ngga ada renang" he said" ada kok. tapi abang ga datang. pokonya kau datang aja". i said" liat nanti ya.,."
yap. after practiced that silly drama, we went to kartika. next we went to medan fair. yahh, waiting for 3pm, we prefered hang out. we ate ice cream and lunch @fountain. dian bought a cardigan, reginta bought a shirt, i bought comics!!, angel bought double tip, and the others bought... oh no i forgot because i ranway from them to the bookstore.
sorry friends... :P
when i looked my wrist noo!!! it's 3.15pm. i lated. i back to school with padus members(naomi and angel) plus dian and reginta. elly and the others went to les.
shit angel got hungry. i told her please hold your worms.
we ran as fast we could. finally we arrived in school and pemilihan hampir dimulai. uhh shy shy. masih kelas satu telat pulak. lucky, bro silas let us to in. i and angel got chair but naomi she must sat behind us.
how boring. i took my comic and read it. i choosed david, ruth, and frania. now time for the vice. im sure my name impossible to be call there. so i continue my activities. yap read comic.
for wakil ketua they choosed marnida from X-8. and trenng treng treng, its impossible. i...i .. ii ...'d be wakil secretaries. i proud but i scared. when they called my name"untuk wakil sekretaris saya memilih... Olivia!!" i even asked my friend was it my name?? and she said yes.
i walked and my comics still on my table. my hands very dirty cause i've greet all of padus members even the alumni. my mind said "iihh aku ini kreak kali lah. uda datang telat, bisa pula jadi wakil"
i back to my chair and read my comic again. at last i back to home and u know i still sad. but i believe that God will make a way for us and for her. i miss u aunt. bye aunt. hope you happy in heaven... :'(

photos of the day:

where am i??

reginta, me

in our class

part 2
alright that's all. bye. bye aunt!! hiks...
ig''z :'(

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy day :) :)

i don't know why, but today im in good mood. today is a bad day from H because he got twice special words from BP. hahaha.... emang enak makanya slama ini jgn cabut loo!!!
economy teacher didn't come so Mr. Ucip gave us an exercise. of course in our class bla bla bla...
i did music assignment. i choosed the song from maluku, Ayo Mama alias Mom come on.

shit for music lesson. she didn't check our assignment. beliau malah marah-marah and meremehkan us. she even teached us quickly so i didn't understand the lesson. she gave us a homework. how could i finish that homework if i don't understand the lesson?? please slowly. she could writing on whiteboard nonstop!!! uhh.

we had the afternoon class. Math Logic. i love Math. i love physic. i prefer calculation rather than theory. in the lesson, my friend, naomi, sms elly that her money, 100rb has gone. so she ask our help to found her money. and lucky, before our class get clean, her money fall down on the floor.

anouncement: today ada razia.

photos of the day:
she cannot stop write

omy with silly me

alright. im in mood happpyyy now. i cant tell you why. bubye...
ig"z :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

its my life :) :'(

i woke up and i still sooo sleepy. i don't know. if i slept at 11pm, in the morning i cant open my eyes again but if i slept at 3am i never feel sleepy. why?? can you tell me the answer??
i brought books, tapai, and the sport clothes. uukhh weight!! i want to sleep whne PKn lesson. okey grace, try to open ur eyes. its just 7.30pm and you must waitinf until 4pm.
great! i didn't sleepy anymore.
when penjaskes, we're played softball. im the second turn from girls turn. yap. im the only one girls in my group who made a point. i ran as fast as i could. i hit the ball and... save!!
when i break, Ms. Sipayung called me. she asked me a holiday. yap. holiday after semester exam. she said to me if i want to go to bali tell my that. but for what?? i have ever go to bali when i 9 years old!!
after changed clothes, i back to class. my tapai. my biology assignment. forget that, i have finished that assignment. so easy...
so i go outside my class and when i walked i saw him!!! he who took my heart, he who ever made me crazy!! huuh. good news he saw at me looonnggg bgt...... bad news when he saw me my face so scattered and my smell not good (maklum baru olahraga). i ran to elly to borrow her comb.
biology. good news me, elly, omy, angel one group. bad news Ms. azir separated us. naomi goes to group seven.
geography. good news only 30 minutes because Ms. Azir didn't hear the bell rang. bad news Ms. Ellys(geography teacher) gave us a exersice. she angried because her lesson only 30 minutes. and her exarcise so mannnnnyyyyy...
thats why me and my bxc friendsbe the last persons in the class. the other friends were finished. they not seriously to did that. and the other boys didn't finish it.
Bonus: when i on angkot i saw him again. hohoho chance to saw his face. uuhhh cool!!!

pictures of today:

angel chan with elly behind her. elly what r u doing??
lia and delwie, played softball in front of class

dian with firman. dian played softball, firman did geography assign

naomi haven't finish her geography

sempat"nya menelepon tugas belom siap...

lia and dian laughed waiting naomi finish her assign

i sad now. because my aunt got sick. she still in hospital, ICU. i sad. i just pray for her. my mom and her sisters cried anytimes heard the news from there. get well soon tante nda... i miss you :'(

ig"z :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unfair but happy

I feel bad for us who have to study at SMA negeri. holiday of CNY only one day! huh.that's so unfair. the other school is still holiday.
alright. forget about it. last friday, a teacher told us that our timetable had been changed. but i think a lot of teacher didn't know that. because at first lesson its religion and the teacher didn't come. she think she come at second lesson.
talking" about padus, as i told you before, many our kakak kelas sedang kampanye. yap. to be the next the leader of padus. so, at break ovi and rio (kakak kelas) berkampanye. ovi called me. then he said that i must called my padus friends. after i called them, ovi said " adek" pilih bang ovi ya.. sebagai ketua padus. ehh makasih ya.."
that's all. rio just accomponied him. when i want return to my class, bro Jo with his friends called me. he said "dek tertarik ngga untuk jadi seksi PIK?" and i replied "of course not. im not interest about that." then his friend talked " oh ya.. abangnya aja uda ga suka liad pik." then my friend said " biar aja. biar kita ubah pik-pik yang g beres itu tahun ini"
i didn't know excatly what they're talked about. i just smile :):)...
naomi and elly had a new haircut today. they cut their poni. so only for today, naomi always took a comb. hahaha usually i always borrow it from elly. thanks elly, you so kind to me ;)
pictures of today:
me ( i tried to made the other style)

naomi with her new haircut

egy, omy, angel, i :)

me, egy, omy, angel

im in mood happy now cannot say. gtg, tired, bye!
ig"z :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


i don't know what to say. for a week i felt so bored.
Activities: nothing

events: nothing

just want to say:
1. tomorrow CNY
2. there will be an eclipse tomorrow

i don't know the time exactly but stay in ur home, outdoors, from 7pm. and dont forget to bring camera, telescope, glasses, and popcorn.

enough today. c u 2morrow.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i happy coz u happy

sorry, coz last week i didn't post, coz again and again my computer... must be repaired. i forgot to bring my foodstuffs, so i didn't eat so I just sat there and watched the other three makan siang T_T
naomi and angel

hayo..hayo don't make a fight...

Next: PA, padus.
to the point aja, after PA we had "pemilihan pengurus PIK" and i didn't know who must i choosed, but at last i choosed my brother's friend. he won! he became a leader of PIK, and i proud of that.
we ranaway from that room and went to Padus. we got catched by our kakak kelas. but i don't care it at all.
padus was so bored. no practice only talked i mean talked about who will be a leader of padus. bro nrico with bro william asked us one by one. and iiuuhh so disgusted, when bro william talked, he "hujan lokal" on my up arm. and he pick his leg on my chair. but so funny. thats our relationship. my brother and my friends, but only in school.
when i and my friends asked bro nrico to back to home, our alumni asked us to sang a song. yap. we sang two song. so bad, but it's enjoyed.
alright. tired. bye...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sun, i miss you

i woke up at 6am but its felt like i woke up at 9pm. rain + AC = cold. and i gazed out the windows so dark and breeze. so i decided to took a bath before downpour. bbbrrrrr......
i went to school and it still rainy. i ran as fast i can, but i got wet. i forgot to brought my jacket. arrived at class, only 15 students in there. where's the other. maybe they still at their house.
lesson started at 9.30am. and today the teachers have a meeting so at 2.30pm we can back to home. but not for me. i must still in school until 6pm. yes. mathematics extralesson. i did well. and im the second people who finish the quetions. but not so fast. my friends asked me to teached her. oohhh....
alright, got to go now. must fineshed KWN's and B.Indonesia's homeworks.


what a tired day today. Ms. Betty (KWN) came to my class (x-1). she teached us. yes. no problem. i must listened all of her small talked. but before 15 minutes she went out, she gave us a homework. she told us that we must make a cliping about "IPOLEKSOSBUDHANKAMNAS". yap. idealogy, politics, economy, social, culture, pertahanan dan keamanan nasional. and presentation!!!
huuffpph. i can't breathe!!!!
after break, we continued lesson and it is... OMG i hate this lesson. history!!! i keep open my eyes and my ears to heard Mr. Arif. as i knew he teached about.. emm... about... arkaekum, palaeozoikum all about world history.
next lesson sport. tes. i like it. Mr. Poniman said that today we played baseball. to the point, we're not play. we just watched the boys played. and Mr. Poniman said girls turn next week. so our sport clothes useless?? yes!!!
at the break time, we talked arround. i and my friend just realized that we still have one more homework! yap. Indonesia. we must make a drama and poem. ahh i forgot to write the manuscrip.
today i cannot slepped well cause my mind in all of my homeworks...

it's just a games or???

i, elly, naomi, and angel played a game while my teacher Ms. Kartini was go to her office. the games called "Dewi Cinta". sounds like childish isn't it?? but no matter. just continue it. first elly turn. she wrote R, F, and A (hanya inisial aja). the name which came out is "R"!!!! i don't now if it true. cause R is elly's old boyfriend. and yesterday "R" ask elly to balek with him.

and now is my turn. i wrote D, M, and G. guess what, the name which came out are two!! M and D . ya when JHS M like me. but D it could be?? as long as my daily life in SHS i interested to D.

so break time only 5 minutes. and i went to bought "Slai O'lai". i saw D alone in his class. i hope i be in his side and can see he everytimes...

and i alwys think, is it true or just a games...


this morning, i woke up too late, 6.15am. i took a bath and ate only in 10 minutes.

07.10am: arrived at school.

walked straight to my class and sat down. my friends were talked about..about.. ah i forgot what they talked about. bell rang it's time to ceremony. headmaster speech, sang, hening cipta, paskib, ahh bored. when the headmaster speech a girl maybe from 11ips3 felt down. huuaa hebooh tau.

03.30pm: arrived at home.

did my homework, watched tv, studied. posting blog?? no. my computer still hang.

next: sleep.



huh how a bored sunday. woke up at 9am, ate, took a bath. play computer??? no. my computer was hang and it must be reuninstall.

next: nothing


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


these is the picture when we had a party on saturday. forget?? uuhh don't make me tell it again.

me at swimming pool

with friends

my bro with... kids??

mereka hanya anak-anak


today naomi and i have a plan to padus together. but padus start at 2pm. and now its 11am. so we dicided to go to agnes's home. in her house we ate new year cake. hahaha so yummy. we talked about our school, our friends, our teacher, our lesson and we watched DVD too.

i saw my wrist and it show 1.30pm. and i said "mi, come on we must bak to school." naomi said " ya ya wait for a few minutes." until 1.45pm we didn't go. so naomi said "gz, i so moody today (ga usah padus yok??)" i said "ok. ok actually im pretty lazy to get there."

so we talked with agnes's sister, sis gio "sis are you go to padus?" sis gio said "hahaha. i start padus next week, kan baru tahun baru.." naomi and i didn't go to padus and we stay in agnes house.

when we hungry, we go to bought fried rice. eemmm delicious. after ate, we joked and talked again. when naomi ask me to back to home, i called my brother to pick me up.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Happy Thursday

hi, how ate you? go to school, study. but in the lesson, we always have fun. the first lesson is BP. you know Ms. Ana very angry to us because many students in our class absent on first day. so she said "make a mail of permission that you sick today and must be sign your parents!!!!" she always talked like that. how a pity she is.

at the last lesson, Mr. Mahmuda didin't came. and my friends said that he doesn't teach us again cause the lesson has changed to Seni Musik. of course we are happy. so we took some picture to hide our bored.
naomi studying or acitng?

Sir Aditya he he he :P

Next: open house at agatha's house

i came late. the acara start at 6pm but i came at 8pm. when i came, i didn't ate cause i have already ate in my house before i go. so we played hp, read comic books, talked, and took some picture here it.
poppy and aga were huged

poppy with aga

poppy with me

alright thats all. im very tired today. sleepy. bye. oh ya i will have a great party on saturday. i will posting it soon. see ya.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I, today im really really moody for this day. i dont know why but i feel lonely like a sad puppy. i miss them. so i went to school today. lesson, book, pen, break, whiteboard, teacher, friends, go home. do you think that bored??
when i arrived at home, i watched tv. politics, war. palestina vs israel. i dont know what is in their mind??? it will be better if they live in peace, isn't it?? why human did it?? to honor?? money??? now i want tell about the end of the world. is it true?? i mean 21.12.2012. are u believe it?? isn't only God has know the end of the world?? forget it. maybe i trust, maybe no. i just prepare myself.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bye bye...

im sad today cause i can't see for the last time ropa, titin, pakcik, and makcik. They back to malaysia today and i cant attend it. first i still have a lesson. sh*t for the lesson, cause 3 teacher doesn't came to teach. sh*t sh*t!!!! my spirit was dead. my heart cry (lleeeeebbaaaiii).
titin cry too cause she doesn't see me. she asked to my mom why grace doesn't come?? ahhh im sad!!!! im really really sorry!!!! sh*t for the school. ropa was sad too, cause we don't take a picture. so ropa take a picture with my aunt's dogs. at the least, ropa and i can't take a picture with markus. alright i wont remember it again. bye!!!

School or Sun???

First day, im still sleepy and actually i wont go to school cause i guess for the first day maybe many students still in ther holiday and im sure only a half of the student that went to school. and my guess right. plus no study. so i decide to go to sun to hangout with my cousin's. I told my mom to pick me up and had permission to the teacher ( the teacher never let go a students if not has a clear reason ). horraayy. goodbye school. goodbye first day. goodbye friends. how a pity you are. theres no lesson. i found ropa at tata usaha with my mom. titin in the car. when we go to the car we took a picture (im sorry the picture has crushed). in the car we took a picture too.

me(up left), ropa(up right), boy(left), titin(right)

while in the car we're joked and ate many cake's. when the car stop at the money changer, we saw bapak tua (ropa's n titin's dad) was go to the money changer too. ya inangtua, mom, and bapaktua met there. so we ran from the car and ask permission to them to go to the sun. inangtua agreed and told us that bapaktua joined us cause bapaktua want to go to bookstore (gunung mulia) and my mom go with inangtua to my aunt's house. we ate again. sate. i love it. the sate very yummy.

me, ropa, sate.

after ate sate, we went to sun 21 and watched "Bedtime Stories". bapaktua doesn't joined to us, he dicide to go to the bookstore. me, my bro, titin and ropa watched it. its a funny film, you must watch it too (promosi). the stories about a man who work in the hotel and that man tell a story to the kids which the stories had been real. alright back to the activity. after watched we go to gramedia bookstore. i bought comic's. actually i want to buy Eclipse but im from school, im didn't have enough money.

Next: Go to the grandma's house.

my mom told to my dad to go with us. but my dad wont. then he made a agrrement "ok. i in. but at 9.50pm we go home." we agreed. thats make me angry to my dad. we go from house at 9.10. im angry. go 9.10 back 9.50 (diperjalan aja uda 20 menit berarti waktu yang tersisa 20 menit lagi). i want tocry cause tomorrow my cousins will back to malaysia. oohhh. i wont tell it. i.. i.. very angry!!! bye!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Hi, Happy new year. Everyone have a wish, so do I. First, I want happiness for my life and everyone's life. Second, i wish i could be better than last year(every year I always wish it), third, i want my achievement will be better. My wish look strange hah???
Alright, I knew its too late to say it cause my computer hang for a week, so i can't post anymore. and many stories I didn't tell you. So this is christmas (eh kok christmas) i mean so this is the stories.
Im very glad cause my cousins finally came to Medan. Yeah they lived in Malaysia and Australia. I went to the airport to pick up them, its about 8.30am. Actually, i prefer sleep in my bed cause the weather was cloudly. But what can i say??? I miss them so much. The plane arrived at 8.25am. I was checking my facebook while waited for them. Three minutes later, they came. I brought them to my car and went to our grandma's house. When we arrived, we ate and taked a picture. After from our grandma's house, we went to the hotel. They stay in there. Their(Ropa and titin) parents stay in the hotel and them went to my house. Yeah we played computer and ate again. After ate, we studied how to drove electric moto. Yeah i got it. Ropa got it. but titin, she can't.
After that we went to Medan Fair, yahh hang out cause ropa and titin never go to there. We played in Timezone, bought many DVD, and ate ice cream. Yeah we go back to my house and watch DVD. There are Twilight, Enchanted, Quantum of Solace, The Dark Knight, and many more!!! At 7.30 pm, we went to our grandma's house yaahh its privacy. At 10.30pm, we back to home and rest and waiting for the next experience tomorrow. Bye bye.