Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tired But Happy

i don't know what called that things. today i went to school. i had biology's exam at last and my school very crowded cause tomorrow is the opening of SMAN 4 Cup. the 2 student from class XI told us that today we will have a pemotretan to graduation book.
our class called for today plus ekskul photo. but shit! they didn't do that. me and my friends wait they until 4pm. even i didn't go to physics tuition. i went to church. yeah you know marguru.
alright no photos today.
tomorrow: just study not more!
ig"z :)


I just wanna say im sorry coz yesterday i didn't post. Many homewosks to do. Exams and assignment to do. Maybe i'll leave this blog for a while until i finish them. Huh. Tomorrow i'll have biology and math exams. And I'll have the olimpiade in this week. Im sorry too because i didnt tell you my story in tuk tuk. Well for the last please accept my apologize. Sorry. Bye bye.

iG"z :'(

Monday, February 23, 2009

After tuk tuk (part 1)

U know finally i back to medan. Anak medan anak medan anak medan do au kawan...
Em i write this phone by my mobile. Coz yesterday i went to sleep quickly. And when english lesson, i pick up my phone and post again. Hohoho. The teacher told us to rest when her lesson. I won't rest i prefer posting. Wkwkwk.
I wont load the photos now. I met many buleg. Hahaha.
And i met one of them is celebrity. Famous famous. I spooke with engilsh and deutsch. Hua cape deh hrs melipad2 lidah. We did camp fire, biking and many mores. And for the final i will post tonight to tell u kejahatan di tuk tuk. So stay tune in my blog. Ok. C u tonight.

iG"z :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy valentine's day!!!♥♥♥
Hohoho... finally i've passed my psiko tes but i haven't know the results.
i gace my chocolate for my friends. no man!
next : go to tuk-tuk...
6 day left...
photos of today
nothing cause i cannot send the photos because my HP rusak.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Just Study

Hi!! i studied hard for a week so i leave my posting. in 14 february i will have the psiko tes. i hope my results are good. bye valentine hallo study.
exam, stusy, homework, study group, and cheating (hohoho :D). cheat is the best way to make teory exam more easily. ehm i just did my school life like usually....
so bye!!!
photos of today:
ig"z :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Medan Fair again!! Please...

i had meet at 9 am but i came at 11 am. how a pity my friends. they're waiting for me until 2 hours. yap. im a person who never come on time.
first we practiced drama. but dian and adit didn't came. so our practiced berantakan.
we decided went to medan fair. my friends asked me to kemek-kemek. how could i heard my friends always ask kemek-kemek everyday??
we naik angkot together. i payed it. i show my pity face and the driver gave us the diskon on angkot (apalagi harga BBM udah turun).
egy want to bought a shoes. we hunted. my friends said it will be better if us ate before.
yeah we ate @ fountain. my friends order fried rice, i order hotdog plus egg plus cheese. i can eat fried rice in everywhere. we order ice cream and drinks.
after kenyang, we talking-talking, took the picture, and prayed. i wish that we will be best friends forever.
we find the place where sell casing hape. angel bought robot casing and i bought silikon casing. omy and elly went to carrefour. me, angel, egy, lia, and delwi went to timezone. i dislike carrefour, i prefer played outside.
i want to back with ely and omy. but lia and delwi must go. so we(me, angel, and egy) who went to carrefour. egy bought her things for the cost. angel and i only lit-liat cuci mata. in the same time, we took the pictures.
we went to the shop. in there, egy bough one shoes. eventhough omy and i took a picuters. you know kami dimarahi habis-habisan sama penjualnya. she said "eh jangan foto-foto disisni!!!!!!"
i konw. that's my fault. i ranaway to the other shop. huh!
elly bought a shoe.
alright its 2.30pm i must return to home because at 4 pm i must go to marguru.
waiting the angkot. arrived at home.
next: marguru.
huurrayy!!! we back at 5pm. pendetanya ada acara, biasanya pulang tuh sampai jam 6. so me and my brother return to home.
next: medan fair (again!!!)

hhuuhh!!! i bored!! shit. i just played my hape in there.

photos of the day:

waiting for the foods

angel, me, and lia

only take a picture

no meeting, nongkrong

no money, numpang

smile :)

ok. got to go. bye...

ig"z :D

School Life

nothing special today. just did my activites like usually.
school life... homework, exam, friends.
exkul life... friends, sing, and changes gift.
talking-talking about changes gift, what dou you think?
i mean what should i give??
i'll tell you the requirement.
firstly, the minimum price is 10.000.
second, the gift can for a girl and a boy.
third, the gift must be wrap by the newspaper.
and the last don't show your name in you gift.
i don't know what my gift.
and im not really interessant(deutsch) about that event.
i must study cause on valentine's day i will have psiko tes.
study, study!!!
ig"z :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Music Lesson

back to school i really fresh today dont know why. i like all the lesson except music lesson. ihate it cause i didn't understand what she said. shetalked like the train nonstop bokk.
when she want test us one by one, i askd naomi to teched me. i dont understand. i want to cry if i got fail. naomi teached me. first i dont know it all. but i know it by myself.
before it i always hope 'cepatlah jam!! bergerak dengan cepat' but when i know the trick i just hope ' jam please waktunya distopin aja ya,,,'
Ms. A called elly. how a pity elly, she didn't understand. she even asked us yeah like cheat gitu deh... first elly's answer right but she changed it so wrong.
when she want back to her sat, she put the marker roughly on teacher table. then Ms. A angry and she throwed the marker into the floor. she said " kau letakkan spidol bagus-bagus. jangan marah-marah. kenapa mukamu kayak gitu?? jelek kali mukamu itu. makin jelek mukamu. liatlah mukanya itu. kenapa kalo kau disuruh maju kedepan?? kalo gak senang dengan pelajaran saya, kamu boleh keluar!!! tidak perlu kamu belajar! keluar saja sana!!"
elly said "maaf bu, saya hanya takut jawaban saya salah."
Ms.A continue her ngomel-ngomel and she don't care about elly reason.
elly frustated and asked me to teached her. i teached her slowly. then she got. elly always mock her. she even meniru Ms.A style while she writing. we just laugh. happy and funny.
photos of the days:
ig"z :D

goodbye sadness hello happiness

sorry i didn't post. cause many reason. visited my families. inang came to my house. i went to school today. i dont know that i had many homeworks, so i did it in a each lessons. Ms. Butar-butar gave us a formulir to go to tuk tuk. but i didn't get it cause yesterday i didn't come to school. how pity.
in school, i heard my friends sedang bisik-bisik. i know they talked about my birthday. so i didn't care at all. but after school suddenly all of my friends keep away from me. although they didn't talked to me! i know they only joked.
back to home. nobody in. my mom and inangtua went to the others family house. uhh ibu ibu... i did my homeworks. when mom and inangtua came, we went to my aunt's house. talked about aunt nda.
i soo sleepy. i falled a sleep in their seat. then my mom woke me up and told me that its 12am this is my birthday. uda and inangtua gave me a presents. aahhh im so glad. and 12.15am we return to home. before arrived in home, i went to internet cafe to printed my biology's assignment. my printers had crushed for 1 years.
photos of the day:
i dont know why i usually sleep at 3 am. cause if i sleep at 11pm, in the morning i can't open my eyes again. hey i ever told you before, isn't it??
sleepy. bye.
ig"z :D

Today is my day...

i woke up at 5.55 am. this is my day. i went to school. i found my friends sat in my chair and i want to put my bag. but when i in they gone. they still keep away from me. and badly they didn't talk a word to me!!!
i knew they want to made a surprise for me. but im sad, in my day, they didn't greet me. im alone. walked alone, ate alone, changed sport clothes alone. i sad. very sad.
then i can't take it anymore. i angry to them. no speak!! no face to face!!!
after school, i ranaway as fast as i could. i hate them!! shit!!
but naomi hold me. i cannot go. they said "jangan pulanglah ges, kami kan udah cape bawa ini buat kau." oohh there is a cake. 15. nice. they asked me to blow up the candles and make a wish. i cannot tell my wish so i talked by my heart. after that i blowed up all the candles. elly gave me a piece. i ate it. we ate it. we bagi-bagi to the others classmate.
i don't know who stared it but someone has put the crim in my face.
5 seconds later...
perang kue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my face so disgusting. i ran to my friends to gave them the cream. hahaha....
its like perang di gaza.
uuhhh my hair!!! no my clothes. we finished it and went straight to the toilet. washed face. i want to went to church after school. how if the the pendeta see my clothes?? then they apologized to me for the diam-diaman tadi and said happy birthday.
im glad. they very kind to me. im sorry friends. first i want to marah beneran to you all. adit right, they not really angry for me.

next: go to church

shit! i came faster. so no one theres. i waiting in car. i saw one. but thats a boy. i waited for my friends, lilis. then she came. she saw my appearance and said: tadi ada perang kue di kelas ku. kan uda kubilang aku ulang tahun hari ini.''
she greet me and said selamat ya!! ntah selamat apapun yang penting iyakan aja.
i shy. because of my smell. sweat. sugar. cream. thats all my smell.

next: go to gramedia
yap. i asked my dad to bought twilight series (yah sekalian ulang tahun gitu). yiippeeee!!!!!!! i return to home with edward!!!!!!

eclipse and breaking dawn still in wrap cause i haven't finish yet

next: potong kue (part 2)

just ate and read twilight series. oh ya i bought valentine's chocolate too. for my friends and mt brother and sum1 special (aku bahkan ga tahu sisa yang satu ini mau dikasih sama siapa, jadi kubilang aja sum1 special).
yumm yummy

next: return home

i confused. novel or sosiology. because tomorrow sosiology's exam. i took sosiology first. read and memorized that. at 2am i read new moon. uuhh why ur gone ed??
and at 3am i slept. i said i always sleep at 3am cause i cannot sleep too long.

photos of the day:

i cannot show the photos because my face full of cream. so i show the other, when in makam pahlawan
where am i?

uhh my face...

can u find me??

alright tired. bye.
ig"z :D

Monday, February 02, 2009

Dear aunt...

i didn't go to school today. because i want to spent my time with my aunt least time. i went to airport at 7.00am. the plane came at 8.30am. and i waited in cargo. then i saw my aunt in coffin. all my family suddenly cried in the same time. i can't saw her again. her coffin colour is white. she was so beatiful in her dress. gee i wonder why.
then we went to jambur. we brought 8 car. one police car, one ambulance, and the other private car. then we did a religion process. we prayed and sang. my mother and the other still crying.
next we went to TPU tanjung slamat. there is the place where my aunt will live forever without any troubles.
i saw her for the last time. we back to grandma's house. i helped them to clean grandma's house cause for 3 days they went to jakarta to looked my aunt.
i tired. so i back to home with my dad. my mom and my brother still in grandma's house. i back because of homeworks and school. i asked elly about school today.
tomorrow back to school and see the lesson again 9 im sure im not only see the lesson). oh ya, i in mood scared cause i alone in my house now. my dad went to his office. waiting for inangtua, mom, and brother to come. bye...
photos of the day:
sorry i cannot load them now cause my camera still with my brother.
ig"z :(

untitled 2

bored sunday. nothing to do. today, my inangtua came to medan. yap. to see my aunt for the laast. she stay in my house. tomorrow i dont go to school. i miss you school. but i miss my aunt.
im not mood posting today. so bye...
photos of the day: nothing.
ig"z :(