Monday, March 30, 2009

good day! maybe??

first of all i just wanna say
happy birthday angel :)
happy birthday briyani :D
i miss you so much!
"i will tell you the funny stories. yesterday i want to sent message for angel and briyani. i wanna send happy birthday in deutsch language. i waiting until 23.45 p.m. then i went to my bedroom. i put my mobile on my pillow. 'hold ur eyes ges, only 14 minutes again' i waiting waiting.... then i slept!! i dream that i had sent that message to them. when i woke up it's 6.05 a.m. and my dream is not real. i hadn't sent it to them. when i sent it, it's failed. i checked my pulse and it's 72 IDR. padahal semalam kusisakan 272 rupiah utk ngesms org tuh. because of the message failed to sent i try with my CDMA mobile. it works!"
what a beatiful and tired day today... :) i woke up at 6.05 a.m. i didn't know that today is monday. i must did all my activities again and again. truly i don't really like monday, but today it's different.
i had the ceremony. i stand behind ely. elly first. we made a line not two. that's so annoying when class XI IPS made a noise and LOL besides me. i hate them. they didn't show their self respect apa??! mereke tuh g cocok duduk di kelas dua!!! gak bisa ngsih contoh ama kelas satu (bahasa: off)
i stand beside syahnan and i don't like him because of his smell. bau ketek! aku pernah bernapas dari mulut selma 20 menit demi menahan diri!!! gilag bener tuh! but it's ok lah, he still my friend.
first lesson is mathe. i had finished my homework. and question number five, i did it. then when i solve it, mrs. umbrella came into my class. she said "siapa yg pengen oklut dokter remaja segera datang ke lab fisika." me me me!!! i said. mrs. umbrela wrote my name and the others then went away. i hadn't finish my question so i finished it first then i went to the lab. in the middle of trip i met ajeng and amu, they said "kami mau ambil buku. ayo liv baleg." i went with them.
when i came into my class mrs. dj "mengoreksi" my worked and said 360 divide 12 ?? i said 30 and sin 30 is 0,5. my answer has right but she asked me to wrote the degree on 360. i went from my class and i met angel and egi. them pick me and asked me to accomponied them to the class. again! i didn't came in. i just waiting at the canteen. then angel came and brought my wallet. "why" i said. she response " mrs. dj told us to bring our mobile or wallet beacuse in a minute we had a break."
i came to the lab and no sat for me. i sat behind x-1's table. hueee!!! bau taek kucing!!! i hold my breathe again. we learned about UKS, P3K, imunisasi, cacing, etc. we skipped our classes until les ke 6.
at the lab
i continued my class at 8 and 9 lesson. computer, we learned about drop cap, but i had learn it when i JHS. how bored. but the computer is didn't worked. i mean lola (loading lambat). mati ajalah komputer kek gini! my turns had over and now the others. i, omi, angel, egi, and anz went to the teacher's office. we must give our assignment to mrs. tina. then we went to anz's class to took her bag. we waited the bell ring at the canteen. we bought ice cream. i met bro rafles alias abangnya wanda. i don't know why, but he seems like hate me or anything, he always mock me or my dad's name.
omi, me, and angel
egi, omi, angel, me
bro david tol us that today we will take the photos for gradiation books and today for extraculiculer (choir). we waited near the wc. then i met again with abangnya wanda, masak dia bilang ' ih ketemu2 ajalah dari tadi' seems like i will be angry after that. anyway, i asked elly to took some pictures by my mobile, yah utk tertinggal.
find me!!
ok that's all for today. got to finish hw. bubye.
ig"z :D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

doing nothing

i woke up at 8.30 a.m. no swimming lesson today. i can't find my breakfast on the dinning table. mom said "dad had eat all of the breakfast. you late. kan mamag da bilang bangun cepat!"
ya apa mau dikatalah...
i went to school to had choir practiced. i came late.. and when i came the practice hadn't start. bg silas came. he made us to didn't sit for one hour twenty minutes!!! and my stomach very sick cause we must hold our breathe for 5 minutes!! and sang nonstop!!!!!!
after that me and omy must finish our assignment. i called adit to come but i didn't come. i told omy that i have marguru today and i can't do this assignment, maybe tomorrow??? firstly she angry and said "liatlah hari senin kucampakkan bunga ini" yah i told her that my dad had waiting for me.
the koinerz didn't let me go especially sis gio. they talked about silas b'day party. i said we give the cigarettes or shaver tools or shoes. agnes said we give bible ajah..
nonono!! we give shirt ajah!!! i went out. i ran as fast as i can. so moody to doing anything.
i went to church. picked hendra first. we skipped "lapangan benteng" because of konvoi. we cam lot. lucky! the lesson hadn't start. the room was used so we started at 16 .30 p.m. finished at 18.00 p.m. one of us spooke about retreat. everybody didn't listen to him or maybe went out. what a pity he is. i hadn't write my name on the links to join that activities. i don't have enough money to join it. i won't use my parent's money.
back with hendra again. me and my brother wanna ate at koki sunda but because of no parks lot we go. we bought martabak keju before arrived at home.
then i smsan with anz. she told me that she was "beserak". she told that she need boyfriend now. i don't know why but now i like alone, lonely, and no one disturb me. i won't have boyfriend, think about it aja aku udah malas! ok i must go to bathroom to wash face then sleep. so bubye.
ig"z :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

today is not holiday

I'm very tired today. yeahh today is "hari raya nyepi" but not for me. first i had the simulation at pardede hall at 8.30 a.m. until 11.00 a.m. i met rika, egi and omy. egi, omy, and me didn't know where we sat. so we sat together with rika. rika is one of students in medica.
egi asked me for english. the guy who i didn't know his name asked me for the answer. how could somebody asked unknown people??
omy met her old friend. i didn't know his name, but they're used the clothes with the same colour, blue sky... oh new couple. (sorry omy, it just a gossip key??)
we bought buns first. omi didn't breakfast. after that, we went to pringgan to found wood glue. we asked to "ibu-ibu". finally we bought two and pay 20.000 IDR. truly it only 18.000 plus uang jalan gitu...
egy went to her sister's room to accomponied her to buy a flower. so egi back by angkot number 14. naomi and i back by angkot number 108. i prefer 52 than 108. on the angkot, elly called me to asked where we are. she said that everybody had met there. we late.
arrived at angel's house omy and i didn't work but we are ate. i bought lunch from my house. not only us, adit too. we ate "dua piring bertiga" hohohohohoho...
elly and angel
then we worked, seriously without me. i didn't know waht must i doing. so i made the picture. it worked!!! we made the flower from the paper. i made the pola, elly and adit are nempelin kawat, firman and angel are potong kawat and naomi made the flower.
honestly, angel must go to carrefour with her "bou". her mom, sis, and lil brother are go to. so we left. we stayed at angel house because we had no place to stay, hiks... hiks... adit must go to because his dad had wisuda and he must go to photo studio to take the photos with his fams.
tara... only me, elly, omi andddd firman. we talked about school and our self. ya gitu deh..
about school in sibolga, I mean school plus in sibolga. dream school...
after that we took the photos. firman was worked but we were took the photos what a pity he is... we also bpught bread. choco cheese and choco.
me, elly (crop)
elly and naomi
adit late... he came so late. when i asked him, he always said that he still in the trip or rais. and he told the truth that he was ate pangsit. when he came he brought pangsit!! serius aja lohh...!!! "I only joked you know!!" i said to adit. but oklah...
adit brought 3 pangsit. firman didn't get. so we divide it until firman's pangsit is more full than us. angel came. she brought buns from hot buns. angel is one of my friends who always very nice and pretty.
we worked again and ate. we told angel that let us who wash the plate. angel agreed and we washed. when omi went to the bathroom she didn't know that lil sister's angel was there she was *****. omi laughed and shy. then my turns. i went to the bathroom. and angel said " ges baukan." "iya. knpa??" 'tadi adik aku baru *****"
finished. i called my brother to pick me up. we cleaned this room. i back first.
who is this??
in the middle of trip omy called me, she said " liv, ada liat hp ku??" "ga ada mi."
back to home. must finish my flower work. today is not holiday. provided, i tired!
ig"z :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Listrik Dinamis

today, we learned "listrik dinamis" at physics lesson exactly about hambatan listrik. the teacher gave us many exercises to do. after physics we break.

as usually i ate with "bxc". i can't talked anymore cause I'm very hungry. we without elly, went to WC. i think the water from the wc has empty because of us. we walked to our classed by "borong jalan". when we arrived in the class, we found elly and adit were talked each other.
we suit suittlah...
adit lee with elly tong

where is adit??

i sat in salman's chair, played with elly's mobile phone. then i saw dian, lia, delwi, angel, and omy "coret-coret" whiteboard. we drew hambatan listrik by used or names. hahahaha....
the witheboard so dirty and the piket kelas got problem to clean it.

dian: writing, lia: sleping, angel: reading

is that my really nickname?? sh*t to fadiel!!! u are the first person called me lie that!find my name!!!

listrik dinamis ala ten one :)

i went to physics tuition today. the teacher had "darmawanita" so we back earlier. i called my brother to pick me up but he won't. he said his motorcycle low battery. i back by angkot. when i walked i looked into the sky 'hmmm seems like it's gonna be rain'. i scared to lightining so i walked faster.

alright, i have history assignment about "peradaban india kuno" and i must finish it. so bubye.

ig"z :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Las spusa gamble...

hi everybody!!
i just wanna say happy birthday to dedi, eventhough i didn't know that today his b'day. he got anger by mrs.ana and you know it's just a joke and from behing novi, fadillah, and amu came with b'day cake. happy b'day!!!

you know, i enjoy this day. first lesson is BP. before it, me, omy, angel, fadiel, and harry play remi card. we got new dictionary if one of us win that game "beginilah kalo udah kelamaan tinggal di las vegas... masternya kartu...." or this "kocoklah kartunya... jgn pelan kali". we laughed if fadiel said that. then mrs.ana came when the games just started. i took my cards and out them in my bag. we will called by BP if BP see us play remi card.. yeah like gamble gitu...
i saw Mrs. Ana bought envelopes and elly siad "ges itu hasil psikotes kita." i prayed to be comfortable. my results came out so long after all of my friends got it. after me, naomi turns. elly won't open her result. she said that she will open it with her parents. one thing you must know about elly, she strong alias kuekueh pendirian.

i saw naomi try to opened her envelope so did I. my beat so faster and srreeekkkk!!!! it opened!!!! i took out the paper and i saw my results. and this is the results...

~biipp,, the results is private. if you want know you must call the office~

but i want tell you something good, according to the results, i got IPA program. yahhh... gitu deh. naomi too. but she said she want IPS program. she like it very much. but her parents don't let her to IPS program. talking about elly, she still keep her results.
break at 9.30a.m. we continued our stopped gamble hahahahaha!!! main terus!!! i have new dictionary for naomi. "naomi always be the last". we stopped again when mrs. murni came. she gave us the exercise. break at 12.45p.m. we ate our lunch. i brought fried rice, elly brought fried shrimp, naomi brought egg, dian brought fish, and angel bought in canteen. after ate we continue it again!!! hahahahahaha!! me, omy, ajeng, harry, fadiel, angel, elly, and salman played cangkul or blacjack. but i prefer cangkul cause more interesting. firstly we played with nothing. secondly we played with marker. if someone lose this game his/her hand must scratched by marker. hahahahaha!!! naomi two times got it!!! her hand full of marker, pictures, and names. harry make a scratch so long like a line. syyuuutt... salman too. he got one lose. he is black so the marker not to better to see than naomi.
naomi angry and laughed at the same time. we scream and laughed until all of classmate saw us. i love my friends. i love my remi cards. we played it until 1.30p.m. and mrs.anna came.
ahh.. i have math tuition. elly call her sister. she cal her loudly by phone, you know how Batak peoples speak. elly use her headset but her voices make my ears broken. ohh elly.... elly... while waiting mrs. dj come, we listen to the radio. visi fm, naomi choosed. but suddenly the bad smell come from the door. ueeekkhh taek kucing!!! dian said "iya. tadi si *** injek taek kucing." mrs. dj came and asked us to move in the other class. when i walking i saw many "kotoran encer" in corridor. uukkkhh.... i'm dizzy.
at 5.30 p.m. me, elly, and naomi went to egi's room. we saw her boyfriend in there. egi didn't come to school today cause she was sick. i call my brother to pick me up. while waiting him, i stay in egi's room. i saw her boyfriend wanna back egi stopped him andd to be contiued my brother came and i go home.

photos of the day:
the results

crop angel chan...

dedi's b'day cake, how old is he??

happy b'day ded!!!

hohoho :)

so sleepy, bye...

ig"z :D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shake Shake it off

my leg cannot move again beacuse of sport lesson. we got lari 3000 meters. gelas-cangkir-parbus-gelas. my friends said gelas-cangkir-kopi-gula-susu-air or gelas-gatsu-amplas-tj mrwa-binjai-siantar-parapat-tuktuk. oh forget about that name. first group from abdullah until m.dedi. and i the second group (O).
for first group firman was the fastest he got 6.~~minutes. elly got 10.09 minutes. for the second group, ilham was the fastest. he got 5.38 minutes!!! how long his leg?? naomi got 7.!! minutes (maybe she the fastest woman from our class) and i got 8.45 minutes. it's okey than cheated by "memotong jalan" or "naik becak, spda or anything).
Naomi bought her new card. she showed us her tricks, but she won't teach us. i played the card while geography lesson. mrs.elis didn't come so me, naomi, angel, elly, and fadiel played blackjack.
firstly we plyed cangkul. but naomi doesn't know how to play it, she always got lose. so fadiel asked us to play blackjack. angel got lose. she got morethan 21. hahaha. so we asked angel to shake the card. fadiel said " shake with slowly, awas lecet"
haha shake shake shake it off, shake shake shake it off.
we laughed loudly. we didn't know that is 3p.m. i must go to church. we didn't have the tuition this day.
i showed the trick which naomi tough me last week. i showed it to daniel, sis patrecia, liliz.
oh ya!! 2morrow adit will have the olimpyade so me and my friends pray for him. wish him luck! goog luck dit!!
no power to move my leg and hand... so bubye!!!
ig"z :)

Monday, March 16, 2009


hello!!! today no ceremony because os the mic. truly i'm really disappoint cause today is my first time since SHS to sing on the ceremony. but.... huhhh!!!
okey,, forget about it. Mrs. SK told us to speech in front of class. i'm ready but my naskah has broken alias sobek. so i discuss it with my classmate to do not show their naskah too. so Mrs. SK told us that the speech for next week. today we back quickly cause remember?? Negeri?? Maulid. hey i'm Christian ok??
computer. i had finish my test so i went to library and did my math's homework.
i talked to egi and i just know that her had date for "x" times!!!! i don't believe that!! but it's true! but egi won't to called playgirl. she hate that name and i think that name so difference with her personal.
take it easy gi.. i still believe you are nice girl.
me, omy, and angel want to escape "latihan-per-suara", but bro david stopped us. so we did. we sang sang until our voices are good. i love choir forever.
ok bye!
photos of the day:
ig"z :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i got lost. me and egy want to join maths olimpiad next two weeks friday. but, i forgot to pay the money. when i want to pay it the teacher said" maaf nak pandaftarannya sudah tutup" sh*t!!!! so im not join that olimpiadlah...
no times to cry tewas satu tumbuh satu.
i received the formulir from that teacher. he told me to join the others commpetition. i accepted it! mathe again. truly i prefer physics than mathe.
and i must waiting and studying until next three weeks friday.
ig"z :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Selayang Tragedy

we had go to Selayang Swimming Pool because today is grand opening Kejuaraan Renang. and my classmate join that competition. so we must support her. badly i cant support her because of padus. yap choir. we should be singing in there. we sing for the opening.
the teacher told us to com @7.45 a.m and the leader told us to come @ 7.30 a.m. i go with my brother. firstly we didn't know where the place. but i think my feeling can help us. and tarraaaa at 7.45 a.m we arrived.
i found choir member there. but naomi haven't come. she late. she came at 8.00 am. we practiced for a while by bro Kokoh. he as the conductor. here the bad news!!
we came in and i saw many peoples there. we waited and we didn't had the seat. we sat on the floor. like a homeless, isn't it?? wegot anger from ibu-ibu. ibu-ibu itu said "kalian sudah datangnya terlambat!! masih duduk juga disitu!! acaranya udah dimulai dari tadi!!!! dasar lelet!!!!" ibu ibu itu didn't know who are we. ibu ibu itu think that we are the panitia of the competitions because we wear school uniform. shit!! "udah kita ga dibayar, ga datang terlambat, dimarahi pula sama ibu tadi".
we waited to sing until 4 hours!!! and here the results. the opening is skipped. and straight to the competition. sh*t. the competition begin at 11.30 a.m. SH*T!!! SH*T!!! TO YOU ALL!!!! we go back quickly. useless!!!
alright. enough for this sh*t stories. i hate this. bubye...
ig"z :(