Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Good Day

Hai loves, I just got back form sun with my college friends (vivi, ciput, ve, omi). Today was our faculty's 50 birthday so yaa... no classes. We went to sun at 11 p.m. and we watched Breaking Dawn. If I could say, I prefer the novels. The movie was good but it was too mature for me. I'm 17 btw. Too much 'that' scenes if you know what I mean hhe. So after watching the movies we went to pizza hut to lunch. Ve called her cousin (maybe) to had lunch with us. because of we would order 'delight' which mean must be an even number.

top left : vivi, omi
left: ciput, ve, me

Also, I wanna share this.

I'll come if there's no Christmas event on that day. If you are a college student it's really good if you're joining or participating the colloquium. You'll get the certificate which is really useful when you're applying for a job. I just share btw. And I want to say happy birthday Faculty of economics USU :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I want it all.

There are other things I want to do besides uni's live. I want to back to the scanlation and pursued by the deadline (although nowadays I also pursued by deadline ,task), I want to join the extracuriculer, choir, I want to jump off the cliff. That's the climax. My dad told me while I was in uni I should learn how to earn money. Okay, I have no knowledge to be shared, I have no skill, and I have no experience. Should I try multilevel marketing? My brother and my friends do that. Oh, I have no relation so it's useless. I mean when everyone in your campus did the mlm with the same brand, what would you do? you have no relation right? cos everyone do that and there's no one left to be offered. The conclusion is I want it all.

Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. He's 50 and I'm 17 and my big brother's 19. I wonder how old were my parents when they're married?

Oh, two days ago, I had my hair cut. It was too short and too thin. I already miss my old messy hair. I wanna share the photos of my new hair with some friends. Just check it on my facebook. Alright, got to go. My parents ask me to go out. I love this! Bye loves.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011