Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Too Lazy To Think a Title

Hi. I don't wanna post anything today but I feel like I should share my thoughts. I silently wanted somebody right now. Liking someone, wanting them, when they don't want you is like that point during apparition when you are being squeezed from all sides, only you never pop put on the other side. He unknowingly broke my heart countless time. Of course he doesn't know. I never tell him. I wanna make sure first, is this like a stupid effect from someone who's good, handsome, beauty, cool? It's hard to ignore at beauty. When a beautiful woman, or man, or flower or painting crosses your path, your eyes follow, just as sunflowers turn their heads to follow the sun. So it's normal for me to look at him right? To steal any glances when I could.

You know, actually I'm a bit shock at something. It just that I find it difficult to write that on my blog. It's personal matters. Until now I feel guilty for going trough my friend's phone. I mean they're dating, all right?! It's a common thing for them. Not for me cause by remembering that thing I still feel so awkward. I doubt I will act normal around her anymore.

University is hectic. I have a lot of assignment, quiz, presentation, and so on. I'm glad that I've made the right choice. I will be taking 22 credits for this semester. No pressure, just do the better everyday.

Friday, March 01, 2013


Hi. University's kinda freak me the hell out. The lecturers gave us so much pressure. KRS things make me, physically and mentally, sick. I just hope I've made the right decision for taking Auditing I this semester. So um, I'm a bit motivated by my cousin. They went study abroad, got scholarship, and so on. Based on that, I intend to do the same. I have some plans in my little head and I need a courage to make it real. I feel like I'm so dumb right now. I study economics but I barely hear about the economic development of my own country. First thing to do is read local or inter local or even international newspaper.

In my social life, I like a party pooper. I don't have many friends. I'm not friendly to my classmates. I isolated myself. Lack of self-esteem. I need to be courageous. I wonder why Pottermore put me in Gryffindor.

"Have you ever liked somebody so much, you just wanna lock yourself in your room, turn on sad music, and cry?"