Tuesday, May 20, 2014


boys and girls
wandering the corridor of life
some with the crowds
some with the olds
doing what their old people asked
with one goal on their forehead
forgetting the process
little do they know they
only build the laziness
label is their middle name
visiting whats cool in town
light make up, glamour gown
looking at people, down
little do they know
they're look like a clown
when the time comes for
boys and girls to live
on their own
they use the power of
their old people
living in a circle
this generation is cliche

Saturday, May 17, 2014

But Them

Everything is the same
We are living under
The same sky
Standing on the
Same ground
Breathing in the
Same air
We are living
In the same space
Running the same pace
Having the same taste
Everything is the same
Even the feelings
Their words hurt us
Yet neither of them know
We hurt inside
You hurt me
She hurts you
Yet neither of them know
Everything is the same
But the people we
Shared our hearts with