Monday, December 22, 2014

Tired of Waiting

Hi, fellas. I'm waiting my lecturer right now and I feel so bored. Well actually I'm sad not bored because you know... sitting here (alone), watching people chasing their dream, seeing them socializing those things are painful. People is pitying you (like I need your pity).
So I've been thinking about my life. I always think why can't I like everybody else? Why can't I just have fun, do things recklessly, forget about the rules, and stop being so damn righteous! I'm so tired. So tired seeing another reckless human living his/her wonderful life. I always wonder why. Why do people like them always get things more easy? You may say that life is unfair, ya I know that, but that doesn't answer my sodding question. Why is life so unfair? Why can't we happy? Why can't we choose to be happy and live it?
I don't know why I acted like this. Maybe my pride is just too sensitive.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A Dare

now you see that
I'm neither pretty nor smart
nor witty but a prat.
So I dare you
to love me even more.