Monday, September 28, 2009

My serious school day has started

Wuih judulnya keren amat. Iya dong... okey pals, w mau posting pake bahasa nih. Capek kalo pake english melulu. So... hari ini udah masuk. W seneng banget, ketemu sama pals yag lain, tapi pas nyampe kelas, teman-teman sekelas pada sibuk ngerjain pr... Haissh!! Aku nga mau ketinggalan. Ikut juga lah... :D Pas uda bel, kita upacara. Ih w males banget! Malah w ikut padus lagi! Jujur aja selama nynayi w ga nyanyi, abis suara w udah abis aka batuk aka ga ada suara. Terus guru pada sibuk barisin anak kelas 10 sama anak sos. Aku baru tahu ternyata ada kelas 10-9, pas zaman aku sampe 10-8. Menurut berita yang ada, anak sos pada dipukulin di lapangan dan ngga di kasih masuk kelas... Ih serem amat!

Anw si masnog uda balek and katanya dia bawa oleh-ole sama anak bxc. Pokoknya aku senang banget ketemu teman, walau di pagi hari sudah keluar kata ngantuk dari mulut ini hahahahah :D Pelajaran hari ini ngga ada itung-itungan, dan aku benci itu! aku benci pelajaran agama! bukan berarti aku ngga menghormati agama ku ya, tapi aku ngga suka gurunya. Guru awalnya lagi sakit dan belum keluar, dan penggantinya adalah.... red. So, w sebel bgt! masa w disuru mimpin nyanyi, padahal w bilang w lagi batuk dan agak susah ngeluarin suara, eh maksa aja! Pokoknya menyebalkan! keknya semua anak kelas 11 gak pala suka sama nya! Pokoknya menyebalkan banget! aku ngga mau masuk BP, karena menjelek"annya di internet :p

Jelas w kesal! Ga mau nyanyi! Terus gurunya ngulang sampe 3 kali sampe w mau nyanyi dalam posisi siap. Temen2 pada ketawa, sebagian pihak pengen cepat pulang. Jadi pas masih ketawa mereka, langsung ku buka doa, dan mereka diam. Ada kata-kata dlama doaku yang bikin semua temenku bahkan si guru ketawa dalam doa... hahahahahahahaaaa... aku bilang, Tuhan tolong engkau ampuni dosanya (nya refers to guru) wkwkwkwkwk!!! aku dener temenku pada cekikian di blkang, aku udah mau ketawa juga, tapi doa ku belum selesai.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Udah siap doa si guru nanya, dosa siapa yg mau diampuni hah?? Aku bilang aja dosa si beliau wkwkwkwkwk... Temen2ku mendukung juga lohhh.... wah aku enang bisa buat orang senang tapi aku ga senang liat orang tertawa pas aku ngga tertawa... :p W mau lanjut belajar buat besok.. Haaiisssh *tabok*!

Okey.. Peace God, peace girls, peace for u all!! :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The tragedy

Today, precisely on Saturday at 5 a.m. there was a fire in my home area. I could not sleep because of the hours of 5, I heard a fire engine. When I woke up, the lights were off. I went out to see the situation. Outside the house there are my bro, my mom, and my dad. Woww ... As I'm outside, I looked up, saw the thick smoke. Then look tiny stars the luminous gaze. At that time I hope, that morning could not come soon. In order to keep the star in the sky. I have not seen so many stars in such a smoggy city. My brother and my dad went to the scene. They brought cameras and flashlights. Me and my dreams wait. I stayed outside, saw the beauty of the morning sky, the beauty of the star. I hope the lights stay off. the sky began to light, the smoke became more clear. They came back and showed us some pictures from that location. Can you see that? I can not stand to see it. I immediately went to the place, many people see it. total burning house is 5 houses, and flames licked the 1st house again. The highway traffic, a car fire has repeatedly sounded the siren. All people with a bucket and helped lift barng-goods. I'm surprised the road so much, could be bad for firefighters gathered a dozen cars at one place. I was curious and tried to look more closely. Shortly kemudia sound of shattering glass and the sound explodes, BOOUMMM! I was immediately startled, and took my camera to record it. Some media have come to cover the news. Greater fire and thick smoke had covered my eyes. I quickly moved away because it is difficult to get air. When the fire was smaller, I returned to the house. Lights have also lived and gas is also shut down the center. And now, I'm tired, want to do homework. School starts Monday. Bye home ...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Countdown to entrance??

The reason why I'm not posting this long are because I opened NNC and because there was no activity that could be called posting material. Anyway, the holiday was going to the end. Bye home ... bye fun ... bye comics .... DVD, bye .... Bye wake up lately... bye all. I'll miss you!! School starts next week. I do not know what will happen, for sure my time on the internet and online play, will increasingly become a little more. Because this is not going to start the test, I have more serious study. I try to make a real life schedule:
  1. After school, there is no comic.
  2. Time to learn to be reproduced so that the time to play only 1 / 8 of time studying. Wah this is really bad!
  3. There is no modem, no online!! This is the most severe! (Actually, I have a modem, but I mostly use my brother's phone, if a modem, it will heat faster and stop sometimes, because my modem was little, so portable. So my brotherwill have so many activities or anything so he's bringing his cell phone and I could not online!!)
Geez .... Many really what I was thinking. I think, soon my head will explode. And damn! I forgot to take care of something very, very important. Secret you know. Bloggie, I, elly, and Egi are not talking with Adit. I'm afraid Adit will really upset. Adit has said sorry for many times from the phone to facebook. Then Egi said, we will talk with him until the first day entrance. But that's a week again! I'm sure, Adit will angry at us.

Well Bloggie, sayonara ... Must do the homeworks. Oh ya and... I haven't take a shower since 2 days ago!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stupidos girl...

I just don't know but I feel like I am a murder. So just now I sprayed all ants on my desk with perfume. They ate a snack or something. And it's so annoyed me, so I sprayed it. I feel so bad! I'm scared God will mad to me. what should I do now? Trying apologize to their family? I mean ant familie and her grandpa grandma?? ohh my...

We're back!

Huh, it seems indeed Wednesday was a full day I was at home. But because there was chemistry lessons and choir I had to go to school. If I do not have chemistry lessons, usually I'm lazy out again and that means I miss the choir practice . It turned out that the theory of my speculation was right! Indeed I was destined to miss practice today. The proof is that today there is no chemistry lessons. I waited alone in the school like a fool, and Hallelujah chemistry class was canceled, because the teachers are still some business, shit!

Anw, yesterday, I bought 72 Nakayoshi! Haissh!! Moreover, AAA. Shugo Chara, I've read it on manga online. But for me, Shugo Chara still number 1!

Oh ya I've got a new card member of NNC. Check this out!

Cool, isn't it? I ♥ red.

Today is raining very heavily, yes! I like the rain but I hate lightning! Not hate, but fear. So if it rains, I hope that there is no lightning. Yayy! Tomorrow I want to watch 3D movies with BXC. So bubyee!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


seriously. No mood for posting. maybe later. bye

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Long long post :)

Hi, Bloggie. Yesterday we went to the commissioner aka Choir Competition. Me and my brother came too late. The first event the service, so we skip it. When I arrived, I remembered that I had no ticket. My ticket was booked and all, but a student category. Hey, I do not have enough money to buy a ticket banayk VIP. But strangely, we were given a regular seat. Decent seat in front. Hahahaha so my level to have a brother. My brother was angry, he updates his facebook status, hold the phone his friends for our dismissal. For me, it doesn't matter. After all, I've watched half the show.

I was very lucky to be there. I met my friends and my best friend Junior. I also see the creativity of other schools. Overall champion is the St. Thomas. But I think, for the best supporter, Methodist 3 better. But according to the judges, it's okay lah. But I was really upset. Out of our choir did not participate. Huhhuhuuuuaaaaaaa T_T. Me and my friend, Nida, sad! But never mind. Maybe for the other activities we could participate.
anw bloggie, bahasa mode on, w lagi hobi banget buka NNC. pas banget buat w yang hobi baca naka. wkwkwkwkwk. Keknya ntar lagi w masuk sekolah. tapi pr masih numpuk. Okay bloggie, posting ini yang paling ane. rencananya mau ku publish sabtu itu, tapi gak jadi jadi. wkkwwkwkwk. Ges stay active on POUPEEGIRL and NNC. C u girls!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be yourself

Holla bloggie. Still a long holiday. Today there is no chemistry lessons in the lab because the teacher was no business for 8 days. I miss bxc members. Yesterday was Lia's birthday. Happy birtday, girl! Looks like I'll fill it with a 3-week study. Tuition, doing homework, discussion, and blah blah blah. I was really tired. So zeal for wanting to learn to get good grades and college entrance favorite dream, I'd forgotten to choir practice. Last Wednesday, my brother and I miss exercise.
I was thinking about my future. I have to appreciate what is in me. I'm neither smart nor intelligent. And I'm "intropeksi" (how to spell intropeksi???) myself so I can be myself. Sounds easy, right? All this being yourself is a very difficult thing for me. I always look at the great and perfect person. Until I feel like I want to be it. But I was wrong. I'm not being myself. Remember this, not only those who succeed are called great. I still have other things that can be proud of. I still have a lot of achievement to show off.
After thinking about all this, I'm getting the spirit to live this life (lebay). I'm glad to have a good friend and always there when I'm sad. "Remember, friends are like a shining star. Among the other stars, it still shining. So you have to look among the many stars. That is indeed a difficult thing to get friends. When you get it, you'll understand the existence of the star. Even though the sky changed, the star will remain the same. Friends are just like a star which will never change and faithfully with you even though your life like the sky."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The story in the Sunday morning

Hi, still a long vacation and my activities were fewer. So excuse me for not posting this because of POUPEEGIRL. Very interesting game and the lure to know more fashion. Anyway, it looks like the morning of sporting activities scheduled once a week. That means my body will get sick and I'm getting tired. I'm lazy to come when that comes only a few. And I am a spirit come when alumni who come to treat us.
This week I have started to open my lesson book. Not because school starts but because Try out is in sight. Well like I want to continue playing first. Then learn. Why? Am I wrong? Okay, serious play and learn and play and learn and then to church and doing homework. I think I'll be tired with my activities today.
Oh yes, today is Aditya's birthday. He's smart, nice, impatient, wanna be Chinese, sometimes selfish, sometimes fanatical, and a big fan of Agnes Monica. But overall, he's good with people of good to him.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Hi. doing nothing is the best in me for this week. I skip practise aka padus today because my besties are not come. Angel in Jakarta and Omi join a deutsch olympiad, wish she luck! Waiting make me crazy and confuse, of course for shugo Chara chapter 44. I wanna read it quickly but manga online haven't publish it, it came out on 3 Sept, lame isn't it? How long I must wait until the newest of SC??
anw, fuck off for all plagiad and stupid suicide terorist bom! Go to the hell and enjoy your pain in there! No happiness for you all, jerk. Oh ya now, I started to learn piano eemm I still the amateur you know and I'm not pro. I just interest when my brother playing it. I miss my friends, school, and something which make me feel tired.