Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chickens Got Free

Hello, it's me. Exams finally is over and I'm gonna back to my former activity which are reading, sleeping, and dreaming. I hope the results come out good so I don't need to lock my room and cry all over my pillow. Though I doubt with my AIS, MIS, and intermediate. Oh God... help us, especially me.

So what I'm aiming to post is the tragedy which is happen last night. Yesterday was the last day of finals. After that, my bitches and I went to Thamrin Plaza to explore "Rumah Hantu". We would like to explore Pulau Hantu and let me tell you that was amazing. For instant, I screamed a lot. The place was so dark and the people were horrible. As we landed near the finish line, there was a pocong (google it, if you have no clue) and he was so freaking tall. He surprised us and I screamed at the top of my lung till my throat and my head hurt. I ran along the way and I almost fell. Note to self, never use high hell shoes when you've decided to burn calories.

Then we decided to have some foods. After having a good time of chatting, mocking, joking, laughing, and bullying, we went to Inul Vizta. This was where it began...

Febry rode her car and crossed the street. Then a police demand us to step aside. We have no the slightest idea what cause this but what I know that time was that Febry pushed her pedal in a great pressure and we ran away. That was the very first time for me and for her and maybe for the rest of my bitches, ran away from cops and just been a wanted. Febry kept driving like a mad scientist and picked some smaller ways. Ester kept looking at the back, looking at the cops who was trying to chase us. Knees trembling, consciences speaking, hearts tickling in our chest. Escaped.

We spent one hour in family ktv then back home. I called my mom to pick me up and I need to wait several minutes. Thank God, Vivian and Febry were there,we got thirsty and we had drinks at desolated cafe. The waiters weren't pro, drinks were standard, and we spent 30 minutes until our drinks served. Sweet merlin.
Overall, I did have a quality time with my bitches. Chatting, laughing, mocking, bullying, escaping. I will never tell my parents about the tragedy. I doubt they would give me any permissions if I told them what happened.

I feel that we are like chickens who stay in a cage. Waiting to get skinned. Have a very little chance to free. Accidentally the cage's open and we run away like crazy chickens. People get scared, they give us a look "you-chickens-infected-with-a-virus".