Saturday, October 31, 2009


Posting kali ini w pake bahasa aja ya... As I said, hari ini w pergi ke Sun. Rencanyan sih ama egi and angel aja.. tapi teman egi ikut. it's okay sih, biar rame. Kita cuma makan dan ke gramed, karena egi gak bisa traktir. uangnya ilang... so.. gitu deh.. di gramed w beli 4 buku. Sheila yg book2 sama komik 3 biji, my platinum lady. Aku beli novel SHEILA karena aku udah beli edisi pertama nya beberapa tahun yang lalu. CEritanya amazing, adorable, fantastic, great! Sheila nya udah remaja, dia jadi anak punk gitu, tapi dia melupakan masa kecilnya saat di kelas waktu itu. kalo mau tau lebih jelas.. beli aja sendiri. tangan w capek nin ngetik setebal itu :P anw, w baru ikut story telling comp-nya tsunao san, w kasih judul "PELUH BERSAMA KENANGAN" wah judulnya lebai amat sama temanya (hewan peliharaan). Ok. mau mikitkan tema dulu... bye... XD

Gaptek Holic!

Bloggie, I just bought a new handphone! So Friday, I take it to school. Because I had an appointment at elly and Omi, that I would take him to school. But I've warned them, that my new hp is not like hp usually. More precisely as a PDA. They just ignore ...

The next day ...

I brought my mobile! Elly had asked for a quick out. When I remove it, here's the type of my mobile :)

They just hold it. Angel also follow-up grasp. But they do not entirely understand how to use it. To be honest, my first time use, I also do not understand. however, because I've learned to not finish math homework, I know how to use it. From here begins, that every person who holds my mobile will be technology illiterate aka gaptek XD

No fun, is not it, if not complete bxc members. then we went to the cafe. During the wait for a space. They want to see my new hp, which originally wanted their pictures taken ria, so it would not be because they do not know how to use it. Gaptek comes word XD

Then when the next class, there are those who borrowed my mobile, in less than 1 minute, he returned it because it did not know. Hahaha funny!! thanks to my new mobile, so everybody thinks their gaptek! Do not be so freak :D

Anw, this Saturday I will hang out with egi and angel. and, I'm trying to learn how to use the internet from my mobile, let me not get caught gaptek: P. So,, bye ...

Oh yes, I can only post nih package. Comics from Hikari (NNC). Apparently arriving too fast. Once home from school, my mama told me if there's direct shipment for me.

This is it!!

Ok.. gtg.. bye XD

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Glorious me!

Dear Bloggie ...

Sorry, because these days I rarely post. Homework, exams, assignments, always up my day and said, you can not touch the internet today ... Okay ... Today was really great! We conducted a ceremony to commemorate the day "Youth Pledge". As usual, the choir took place to contribute several songs. Unlike other schools, our schools still hold a teaching and learning today. Huh ... pity us :(

Gym class today, still the same as last week, volleyball. Ahh ... I do not like this one. I like sports, good for health. But, volleyball makes me hands red and sore. Especially when the ball fell into the moat, so dirty ...

After exercise, maths. The teacher told sebangkuku friends, moved to the front, because people in front of the hot and the fan needs. Happened to our place near the time with a fan. Ahh .. wth ... Luckily, he only briefly.

We went out to play second, I'm with my friends to go to the library. We want to return the book. In the library, my friend, Dina, even learning to be bad moods aka do not want to talk with us. Continues, we pretended to ignore so ... Yeh .. finally he wanted to talk, even laugh, so would've beat neighbor friend put her belt * hahahaha u must be kidding *

Final lesson, English. We were told, makes dialogue and displays them in front of the class. Should be ready in 25 minutes and work in pairs. I'm with my bench, Elly. I translated it, Elly membuut stories and expressions, and I just added an interesting dialogue. Hahahaha the first time Dina called XD. Then the name I was called in third. I was nervous. I'm afraid, Elly, forget the text, because her dialogue are too long. When we did it, what happens is a class laughing at our performances. Honestly not our appearance, but Elly's appearance! OMG! Elly really show what she said at the bench. I'm embarrassed. Especially when there is a scene outside the text that is struck. Elly slap me ... Obviously I was immediately surprised and I forgot next text ... After that, a classmate at providing excessive applause XD. I am pleased and ....... shameful. Thank you Elly.

Okay, I want to do math and chemistry homework. So, bye ... oh yes tomorrow is the birthday of one of bxc, Egi.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Skin :)

Bye pink... oke w mau pakai skin yg lama, tapi menarik. w baru tahu kalo ternyata w prefer dark daripada bright. gimana pendapat kelen oii? bagus tak... I hope so :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Haaaa... aku mau ganti layout, tapi aku lupa keywordnya!! gimana nih gan! anw, w udah lama banget ngga padus, haaaisssh! ntar kalo masuk langsung tak di cakapin XD... omg... kok akhir-akhir ini chat di NNC makin sepi ya... aku rindu rai chan... ok fokus cari komik dulu *tabok* wkwkwkwkwk... tobat tobat... bye fellas :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


W posting kali ini gak mau pake yang aneh-aneh lah.. takut yang baca jadi tersinggung atau mikir yang aneh aneh. jadi malu posting panjang panjang... ehhh... ngga ada topik nih... oh ya aku mau ganti layout, menurut minna, layout yang bagus itu warna apa?? aku sih suka merah terus hitam, matching gitu warnanya. keknya aku mau coba buat sendiri gan! tapi butuh waktu lama, kira kira 1 masehi XD mungkin hitam bagus... oke deh mumpung ada waktu kosong sebanyak 100 hari, aku mau cari layout dulu.... *kidding*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buat Badge

Aku coba coba buat badge nih untuk NNC. Semoga hasilnya tidak seburuk yang ku duga :D

Image Hosted by

Explosion ^^

Yesterday, we have a chemistry class. The lesson of Thermochemistry. This chapter is quite difficult chapter and the chapter many counts.

Anw, we conducted experiments on Eksoterm and Endoterm class this time.

for Eksoterm, the teacher made the experiment of sodium metal. He said, if this amount of sodium metal (for seed bow), then immersed in water in a small container, then a school and even the highway will explode! BOOOMMM! so, because avoiding it, the teacher was only envy sodium, just a little, then dip it in a test tube containing water. Previously, we were all told to back off and away. Within 3 seconds, changed to sodium fire explosive. The fire is huge, and then exploded. Then the teacher, told us to get out of the lab, because there Hidrogen gas. Actually, the gas was not dangerous, but disrupt the atmosphere.
Then, he had made an attempt to Endoterm. He uses the same materials from Ammonia Barium. "Dimasukkannya" into the test tube, and then shook. Then the tube was cold as ice, and when the father told us to kiss her, came out a very interesting smell served until making his nose hairs fall out. Odor wc! smells times! smell !!!!!!
okay lah... gtg. bye XD

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Very busy. This week I will rarely post. homework, exams, solving problems, choirs, papers, presentations. So, I will post the weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sedikit emosi c:

Hola bloggie, kali ini w posting pake bahasa aja ya. Lagi ngga ada waktu buat lipat-lipat nih lidah. Anw, w les hari ini. Seru loh... w awalnya cerita ama pals w aja, cerita hantu. w bilang kalo temen w bisa liat hantu, eh jadinya satu ruangan ceritain hantu di sekolah masing-masing XD memanglah anak jaman sekarang... hari ini hasil TO STAN keluar. w kan ngga ikut TO, jadi cuma liat liat hasil orang aja. wah... hebat banget temen w dapat peringkat belasan dari 800an orang. w juga dengar gosip, kalo yang juara 1 itu psst pssttt pssttt.... ada deh! S.E.C.R.E.T! bisa ketangkap w kalo bocorin disini :D yang pasti w gak nyesal karena ga ikut, karena w tahu hal kek gini bakal terjadi... haisssh!

bloggie, minggu ini padat banget sama ujian, tapi yang paling menakutkan dan mengguncangkan dunia adalah  ujian fisika. masa 1 kelas ngga ada yang lulus?! udah gitu nilai tertinggi itu nilai 5! apa kata satu sekolah kalo kelas unggulan gak ada yang lulus??!! malu malu malu kita semua, hancurlah kelas yang sudah dipercaya ini, hahahahahahag :D

bukan w namanya kalo langsung putus asa, kan masih ada ujian ke 2... w harus bisa! hosssh!! ternyata yang paling membelah dunia adalah ujian agama! ih sumpah! swer! samber badai! salah satu huruf aja, langsung disalahkan! temen w buat kreativ harusnya kreatif, langsung disalahkan! padahal jawabannya panjang, apa hanya karena masalah sekecil itu langsung ngga dapat nilai?! aku ngga ngerti bagaimana cari beliau berpikir... upsss W NGGA MAU MENJELEK-JELEKAN ORANG DI BLOG W, DI DUNIA W!

pr untuk minggu ini banyak banget, apalagi yang presentasi sama makalah, ditambah lagi pr fisika yang 1juta soal (wuiih!), ditambah pr pr lain... bagaimana w bisa mempelajari smeuanya hanya dalam seminggu?? bagaimana bisa w menyelesaikan semuanya hanya dalam seminggu? w harap guru-guru bisa mengerti kalo kepintaran kami bukan hanya diukur oleh pr yang bisa dicontek itu. w juga bisa beljar dari luar sekolah, you know! stay hepiliong and santailiong but still studyliong XD

Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy day! Happy school :)

I'm enjoying the good times in SHS nih! We as youth must have a good time at school right? Anyway, post this time, I mix with the post last night. * Just Like a cake, mixed everything *


Today I'm very spirit of learning, so I tried to keep concentration. After school, I still have a chemistry class. The lesson for this chapter is not difficult, quite easy actually. Thermochemistry chapter which may be difficult. Then, the teacher showed us, a solution of copper. Blue. There is a liquid, and there is a solid or hardened. Then he took a piece of tin and dipped in a solution of it. In a few seconds, zinc was immediately change color to black color. He was saying, if continue dipped zinc, then zinc will be destroyed. Then if the solution is allowed, without the inserted object, then the solution will harden and become solid. Waaawww ... Actually, many chemical reactions in our lives that we do not know. I like chemistry!

(Friday, TGIF :D)

Today there is a choir practice begins at 2pm. I was tutoring at 3pm, so I just plan to come half an hour. 11am after school hours. Angel and I waited for the training egi aka MD modern dance. Elly, Anz, and Adit, go to the cafe. Naomi has chemistry class, because it was Thursday, she was part of socialization in Grand Antares to join Coral quiz. So while waiting, I'm with my classmates, taking a lot of crazy picture. Coridor class at all, would we put the force. Apparently my friends I had, crazy all ya!


I, Omi, and Angel, has appointments to choir practice today. The Omi continued mock Angel, because Angel dress looked like "tante-tante". And she thought it was mediocre. You know, Angel is quite fashionable not like Omi. * sorry * Huwaa ... practice today there is a division teams! Angel aka Masnog, can direct team A when come! Omi in team A, but she's soprano 1 * sayonara Omi: P *


Anyway, on Monday, some of our classmates will follow the Olympiad of Coral Reef. If they win, they will become ambassadors of Medan, like last year. And if they win, the competition will continue on 10 October 2009, where the day was the birthday celebration of Koinonia. Obviously I do not want them do not attend! Nida is the chairman of the committee. sis Gio said, if Nida was not present, then I, as a secretary, who will speak in front! NO NO NO NO NO! I'm nervous, you know! Then, my besties aka Omi could not attend! I won't come if she doesn't come too. It because of, Omi really funny ... and friendly... I hate to said that! But it's true... *shy... haaaissh! =_=* So please God... make them not to win the olympiad. I know I'm selfish, but, I won't, .... something changed. True, change is really scary.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


w posting pake bahasa aja yo. sorry banget, w uda lama banget ngga posting. pr, ujian, kelewat banyak! dan aku hanya bisa ol malam. itu pun jam 12 langsung tidur. pas ngga ada tigas atau ujian, kompie w malah bermasalah. huh... sorry banget ya... aku ngga menampilkan award, soalnya aku kurang mengerti. aku lagi ngga mood posting. udah topik lama semua. dan aku lagi menunggu SHUGO CHARA CHAPTER 45!! sama NAKAYOSHI 73!

huaahhaahahaa! mau ngumpulin uang ah buat beli komik! bloggie... ada TO STAN you know, tapi w ga ikut. w ga punya cukup money and i guess w bisa lihat soalnya dari punya my bruder, soalnya soal stan nya sama kelas 2 n 3. mending uangnya buat beli komik. hahahahha *tabok* anw, tadi aku pas di jalan aka di angkot, terjadi hal yang membuat mukaku petak! ada kakak kakak bilang "dek dek, *pssttt pssssttt pstttt ppssssssssttt*" haaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! wth! wtf! ternyata aku dapat satu gudang komik!! ya nggalah!!!!!!! retsleting aku tebuka!!! pas pula di bagian tngah!!! shit lah! untung aku duduk di paling belakang jadi ngga da yang nampak kecuali ibu ibu sama kakak tadi. malu haaiissh! uda ya bloggie capek, mau belajar dulu :D