Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Killer

he's wandering, analyzing, and calculating,
He's sleeping
he's living, worshiping, and forgiving,
He's sleeping
he's taking chances of salvation,
He's sleeping
deep... deep...
in Styx,
He's sleeping
I pray so that
He will sleep and slumber
in Tartarus

do not go gentle into that good night,
rage, rage against the dying of the light

Friday, April 29, 2016


Young lad, you gave me one hell of a joke.
For you told me that I was beautiful.
Nah, I was far away from it.

I have wavy hair.
Oh, not the sexy messy wavy hair.
When I say wavy, I mean
the absolutely not sexy messy wavy hair
which is the thick wavy hair.
I'm afraid there are living creatures in there.
I have dark skin.
No, definitely not golden brown that makes everyone looks smokin' hot.
Just dark and not so smooth.
I'm not tall and I'm a bit underweight.
My eyes, they're small. And I'm mono lid.
My nose, hmm I wish I had more money to do nose job but let's cover it with some contour.
My lips, far away from those beautiful and sexy lips!
My teeth, got a bad gene huh. Not beautiful straight white teeth I guess.
My fingers, oh gosh. They're short. And fat!
My boobs, hmm I did say, I was underweight so... figure it out.

So, darling, if we use universal beauty standards,
I'm not in the list.
I'm not ugly either.
I'm decent. Cheers!


A friend told me that love is bitter.
I smiled.
A friend asked me which color is better.
I sipped my tea.
A friend showed me pictures of her lover.
I yawned.

Loves, she is a hospitable person! I do not want to admit it but I simply have no clue how to deal with this kind of person. I have this urge to tell her, to admit, that I do not give a flying darn about her life. But I can't because she is awfully nice.
That leaves me with no other choices, I will pretend as if I care.
Even if it's exhausting,
Even if my pseudo smile is ugly
or my eyes shows emptiness,
I will pretend.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


For in every scene of life, I see the eyes. The ugly ones.
And when I look at it, I gag so much.
And when one is gagged, thousands of mouth will open
with more eyes to see
and ears will hear the truth.