Friday, February 15, 2013

It was Thursday

Sup, loves? How's your valentine? Mine was suck. Kidding. Before I start, I wanna remind you that I'm perfectly straight. I'm 100% into boys. Last night, I had dinner with on of my bitches, Dian. To you maybe that sounds odd and ridiculous. We traveled around from Opal Coffee, Morning, Moscow Circus, and Babura. Next time make sure you already reserved your seat on this occasional day. We ate dimsum, chatted cheerfully, and laughed hysterically. I enjoyed our little dinner. At least I didn't stuck my boney ass on my bed last night.

I feel so dumb right now. I have doubt in taking some classes. I have 24 maximum credit for this semester but my primary subjects only 18 credits. So I take four credits for upper classes subjects and the rest... I don't know. Maybe I take two another credits to remedy my last subject, sadly. Conclusion is I only take 22 credits for this semester. My other friends take advance and I don't wanna take that this semester. I know I have some troubles in Intermediate which is I need to practice even more. I still hope I can do much better in this new semester. Let's cross our fingers ;)

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Massive Day's Discourse

Yesterday was hilarious. Words can't describe how I really want to thank you one by one for all your wishes. Especially for my closest friends. They gave me a strawberry shortcake! I really have no idea, guys, I'm feeling so overwhelmed. I mean, since I was in high school, you always give me a birthday cake. Well mostly my hot bitches from bxc did so, I haven't get one from them this year, but it still counts.

Being nineteen reminds me that next year I will no longer be a teenager. I still have feeling that I never do my best in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I fly so high that people can't reach me, sometimes I fall down in a deep hole and I'm stuck and I can't get out on my own. I even needed someone's hand reaching to pull me up. I have no achievement this far. It's embarrassing. What makes me different from my old high school self? I'm sick every time I hear someone on my age has an achievement, has gone to other countries or places to study, or at least has some jobs and got paid from it. What am I?

Okay, stop this drama. Stop being a victim and loser. I just need to focus in present. Regret changes nothing in past, kills time in present. Maybe this feeling is just because of father's birthday lecture. Sometimes we need to look up to get the motivation and we need to look down to appreciate what we have.

"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."