Sunday, January 31, 2010

200-1= 199 post

Hurraay!! this is my 200th post. so... i've been made it all long, right? and for celebrate it, i am going to retell my holiday WITH PICTURES :) cos i still have a promise with ima aka zen (NNC) to upload my photos in holiday. so here they are...

first day. we came at afternoon and the sunset looks beautiful. more pictures are in my camera (^-^)

second day (forgot the date) first activity we did is swim. firstly, the water really cold and i won't swim. especially when i ***** XD but it's okaylah.

*me, my mom, my brother

*like this (Y)

*like this too
*scooby.. you shouldn't do that *mencemari air

*scooby doo with it scrupture

then, we went to JJS XD. wow, pretty though, buti guess it would be rain. here they're

*nice blue

*transparent (O_o)
*oh my... go green

*jiaahahaha scooby XD

*with mom :p

*me + crop >///<

*again...scobby :S

*i want to ride my bicycle *loh loh*

*cuih! why did scooby there??

and the last picture that i heart most is....


so, those picture is all i have *lying* truly there are so many photos of my holiday. but i'm too lazy to edit and upload it. with my shit connection and modem, i couldn't post more photos, sorry. this also celebrate my 1000th counter XD and cannot wait for my birthday, i wish S (means for someone)*lying it means someone's name with letter S, remember it >///<

bye fellas ;)

PS: and the most popular model, runner up on american magazine ala aku is.... SCOOBY DOO! give it all the worst! just kidding yaw ^^

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is Monday, huh?

You know, what my title means? that means back to my ordinary life. School, homeworks, tasks, and many airhead people. I came late to school today. Yesterday, I slept at 3 a.m. because of troublesome cane work. and shit, the teacher didn't give me mark. she said "make it more orderly and collect it next week." I do hate that! I had slept at 3 a.m for this, then she made me to collect it next week??! how dare that jerk?! *forgive me

I had math class until 4 p.m. and i got sleepy when the teacher give the lesson. thank for anyone who made me laught at that time. i guess i never say it but I heart math. okay, thinking of major of uni, what'll I choose? i need some opinions. will GOD show me, my path?

I do hate art! somethings had happen last week and that made me disgusting. gtg. bye.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today was really...

Berenang itu menyenangkan, karena bisa bermain air, dan tidak menyenangkan, karena aku tidak latihan padus!

Friday, January 22, 2010

This class

You know, we start it since July 2009. We got our class. We are in this class which people say it is a superrior class. But we laughed together, we learn all together. We forget that class status in our school. Eventhough people consider us as a clever, briliant or genius, we didn't. That's way I love this class. So.... in the next year, we will always together until the graduation. I hope this time can be last forever.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Double Post, Double Trouble

January 2010, 20
I took picture of our lunch. So yummy and I like the oranges one! I wonder how to made it. Mom you are really great!

left is mine, right is egi's

January 21, 2010
today I woke up at 6.48 am. I had a nice dream. don't know exactly about what, but it kinda interesting :) and i felt afraid this week becaus of the new rules. "who is late to come to school will be punished and it is back to home" what do i do?? since this year, i always came to school 5 minutes before bell. and I rarely came 3 minutes after and before bell. heh ==a

so this march will be held a Methodist science Olympiad. what should I choose, math or english? and damn, those two will be held at the same time. at last i choose english. maybe next year i'll go with math. wish me luck ya! really really need to sleep now, bubye *yawn...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tahun baruan ^^

Tadi tahun baruan ke rumah nomi. Sebenarnya yang diundang cukup banyak, tapi yang datang hanya 4 orang. Tadi saat pergi kami berenam (ikut si omi). Di tengah jalan, satu orang aka dona, balek ke sekolah bareng si chinese wanna be, karena hape dia hilang. akhirnya dia gak jadi datang. Semoga hapemu ketemu, don! Luar biasa, kue di rumah si omi banyak banget. Dia malah tambah manisan lagi! Kenyang plus nek. Datang si chinese wanna be aka adit, dia makan terus kuenya sampai perutnya buncit kea bapak-bapak XD. Kami pulang cepat, habisnya cuaca menipu. Awalnya mendung, eh pas pulang cerah banget.

Yummy, tapi buah kedondongnya manis banget!! >///< Besok jumat... dan aku belum siap untuk paduan suara. Aku harap, aku benar-benar lupa bahwa besok adalah hari jumat.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


ONLINE, prepare all the task, go back to school. More precisely back online at 12am. to be honest, I got down for a few things. anw, i hope my school life which like bloody heal can be change. two words in my mind when I became a high school student, I'm sorry. right, I'm sorry for the wrong choice. because I know, while I was there, I never received justice. actually I know, that justice was no longer in this world.

forget about it, I don't want to be kind to people, all people. It is best for me. me when I was a jhs. yes, I'm selfish, stingy, ignorant, even I was not kind. It was me, you do not have to wonder. because I felt very comfortable with my old self. so from now, I'm back to being the first. This is best for my school life.

and I don't want to believe with everyone. all the people who I know well. I think many times, why the hell? what? hoe? but ... It also still can not change everything.

I'll turn into the old me. don't worry, it only for my school. I hope, I am more active in all things. I just surrender to God, because as I said before, I do not want to believe to everyone.

some regret at the beginning of the year, not a bad thing, right? I'm sure it will change me. I'm not wish, I hope.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Akemashite Omedetou !

huaa :'(  resolution papaku tahun ini parah banget! untuk urusan sekolah, belajar, itu udah selalu diingatkan jadi aku sudah terbiasa dan memang tugasku untuk itu. Tapi......... the most bloody hell resolution ialah... semua KOMIKku akan DIBAKAR! :'( sebetulnya papaku bilang cuma nakayoshi (karena dia gak tahu nama komik selain itu) tapi kan... aku juga suka banget naka! gimana dong??

ini semua gara-gara kalo liburan aku tuh baca komik terus. apalagi aku lupa aktivitas ku. jadi ngurung diri di rumah terus. kek mandi lupa, makan lupa, kalo diajak jalan-jalan jadi malas. yah gimana lagi... tapi ada untungnya juga kan?! jadi hemat. uang gak keluar.... ==a

so far aku tetap fokus kok sama sekolahku.. jadi jangan dibakar ya?? ya ya yayayayayaya??!!!!! plissss :'( jadi goal untuk bulan januari adalah merayu papaku sebaik mungkin. anw, tahun ini juga sepi banget. di rumah opungku pun sepi. biasanya di situ rame. tapi.... ah... udah ah.... aku capek ngetik. bubye!