Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Post is Boring

Warning: no picture, this post is so dead, lack of creativity in writing style.
I apologize for my absence. Now my mood to write down all the things in my head is rising up. So first thing first, I miss you so much my blog. Okay, two days ago, I heard a bad news. Our PKK's (emm something like a leader in our bible study team) dad has passed away. When I heard that, I was about to cry. Sudden death is the most awful thing in this world, you know. Like heart attack or transportation accident and so on. It's different when you know someone is sick and he/she will die. Maybe to the mourners condolence words are inadequate, it's really hard when a beloved goes to spirit but put a hope in your heart and let the mourn passing, remember the good times. God bless her family.

Midterm exams has finished, we should have a break but the universe says no. We really have to keep thinking what's the best product to sell in bazaar. Bazaar? Yes, SSM. Student Saturday Market based on Business Practice subject. Our team will sell sushi, mpek-mpek, ice melon, cincau, and kichong. Some of you may ask why did you sell sushi and mpek-mpek? both are completely opposite. Ya, we knew it, sushi from Japan and mpek-mpek from Palembang. So what? we're so damn creative, aren't we? And what is kichong? Don't laugh, it's stand for from 'Keripik Singkong'. You know what name did we use for our team? Sukecime (Sushi, kichong, empek-empek, cincau, melon). Don't laugh!

I should take a rest now. I'm not feeling well today. My mom had spread the influenza in this house. Today is the last lazy day which means uni's life starts. I promise I will check this blog regularly so that I will not forget again what I wanted to post.