Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ternyata waktu itu, perutku kembung! kebanyakan minum soda sih... jadi kalo aku minum soda, aku usahiiiiiinnnnnnn agar aku bisa sendawa XD padahal di sekolah aku SERING sendawa. bahkan pas aku kelas 1 sma aku pernah dimarahi guru geografiku yg kebetulan waktu itu aku duduk paling muka (karena org depan datang terlambat) dan dimuka meja guru. keknya udah pernah kejadian itu aku posting di sini. cek aja lah ya capek aku ketik. aku lupa apa judulnya bahkan labelnya :D

anw, kapan sih SHUGO CHARA chapter 48 keluar?? katanya tanggal 28. yah aku tahu biasanya telat. tpai kenapa kita tidak coba saling jujur?? mengatakan tahun depan lebih baik kok *lebaaiiii* aku capek posting. Besok hari terakhir tahun 2009 sekalian hari yang paling mengerikan bagiku. Bubye...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Males.. lagi ga ada kegiatan. Palingan di rumah.. Bantu-bantu tukang nyemen, ngepel... Habis rumahku lagi direnovasi == ga ada liburan. Parah! Gak bisa jalan-jalan. sedih banget :'( Suasana natal tidak terasa lagi. Anw, aku kesal banget sama fesbuk ku! Masa' upload satu buah foto, 300an kb gak bisa bisa!!! itu aja udah kuturin ukurannya. gila kali fesbuk aku ini! jadi males aku buka. udahlah kan masih ada twitter :) Anw, lusa bagi rapott!!! takut kali aku lah..... doakan aku supaya nilaiku naik ==a gtg, bye.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Time

Merry Christmas all!

Okay, my apologize, I couldn't post yesterday. Flasback.

December 21-23, 2009
Should I write there is no activity? Should I write there is no activity? Hnya I went to school on 21. The next day, I was sick, colds, fever, and vomiting. So on 22, I'm not in school. On 23, my health began to improve, but still no appetite, so I'm not in school.

December 24, 2009
Today is the day I hate most. I can not complete you know, why I hate it, but I hate because I can not have online! Especially since the redesign of my house , I was helped. And, I do hate christmas eve.

December 25, 2009
Okay, so today, I immediately take a shower. Christmas congratulations to all members of my family, including my dog. I remove all my resentment that store. Because today, the Savior has been born into this world, to save us. But I'm back annoyed, because .... told my daddy work, help-help beresin house was in the redesign. Grrrr .... builder course, holiday, cook our children who are not paid, ordered work? I was really upset. Knowing this, last night we should tell the church that morning. But I was wrong. I was wrong. So many do not know. What's wrong with work? What's wrong with tired? Which turpentine is in one day, we have a special time to celebrate Christmas. So, as at 5pm, we were getting ready. Because if too late, we will not get a seat. Church begins at 6 pm, but we arrived at 5.40pm. We were too late. Yes, too late. We got the rear seat. But behind the cold really. On the back is also still looks very clear. Losses sat in the back is a lot of children. But I still enjoy the wonderful moment in the church.

I went church with my daddy, my mama, my brother, 'bouku' with 2 sons. After that, we went to the my grandma's house. She was alone at home. So many problems that occur. Fortunately she is a strong woman. Thank God, still you give so many blessings in her life. I also thank you, because you showed me, that Christmas time is not empty. Although my cousin is not here, although my grandma's house the more quiet, although some family members've gone, even though our stay here, but I remain grateful I still got a great cos other relatives. Why was I whining? Why didn't I realize that I still have another siblings? That's what makes Christmas time so mean to me. Christmas time is my wish that we could gather together again like before, when my grandma's house was warm and a lot of fun.

December 26, 2009
Today............ STOMACHHHHHHHHH!!!!! oh!!!! *mau mati aja rasanya* After my stomach does not hurt anymore, my whole body was really weak.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009


December is the month full of meaning, because in this month we do a lot of things outside of our habits. as:
1. Learn. December is filled with the test. So when I enter this month, all the books are piled on my desk.
2. Shopping. Especially for the Christian as I am, of course we bought a Christmas dress, or decorate the house, or make a cake.
3. your relaxing time would be more than working.

Anw, let's countdown until the new year. No no ... first Christmas and new year. Hopefully I got the wisdom Christmas this year. Hopefully this cal christmas really impressive as the previous Christmas along with my cousin, kak Ropa, titin, and p-man : p I wish I could be there :( Maybe in the next post I will make new year resolutions ala me. surely everyone wants everything to be better. So do I.

Okay, just now, I open the Hotline to Hell (mostly read comic Hell Girl). Since the new year was going, I do not want if there is still the same people who hate me. So I tried to type .. see picture.

When I got to "untie the red strings" I make no. I do not know that site, the original site or not, but I do not want to believe the same site like that. If you want to try CLICK HERE!!!. Oke it still off. Need comics. Bubye.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Carol (teng teng teng)


aku yang baju hitam 

it such a long post since i had the bloody hell exam. last night, we had a Christmas. I am a person who a lot of filling events (cuih) come sooner. I want to go red carpet, but ... must pay for all images. What else can take pictures only 2 people. We went back into the church, ruined my shoes. Tread off. And my clothes,  really fits the shoe. Finally, I ran to my car. Finding shoes that I brought earlier. When I wear, my feet were in ruin! Shoe is very narrow and very high right! I can not walk, can not stand.

I was so scared. Since the choir's first appearance on the show. I'm afraid if I do not stand up. Finally, we perform. Fortunately, my speakers are covered below. So if my legs were shaking, not too noticeable. I was really scared, it's just going to faint. But when I heard the song we sing, my legs did not ache anymore. Once ready, my leg nyuut nyuut again : '(

After the chorus, I still have to get ready for reflection and drama. I quickly changed my clothes. On reflection I served as factory workers. Kli this, my feet do not hurt anymore, because I performed using sist veby's shoes. hahaha ... and she appear using my shoes. Maybe for her, my shoes fit, because she was small...

sermon at the time really bored me. the sermon was long! so -----intermezo-----

while playing the drama, I just appeared at the opening. Well.,,, Like the opening play. After that, there are lucky draw, the santa clause really abad aka AMATIRAN!! XD: 'D So I took a picture with my classmates, then there are two strange men who kicked my shoes until I fell. They mocked because I was too high. (inisalnya H and R). Finally, I ran to the car, changed my shoes with my red shoes.

aku yang paling kanan 

That is all, this Christmas story, I hope I get a special gift as the Zen (NNC).Bubye.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Bloggie, I'm really upset! You know what? Our exams finished until the 17th!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And I've made a plan "3 MORE"! do u want to know why the test was postponed? Because on December 16, there are people aka Mr.. A.L.  want to come to our school. Where there is ceremony! why don't we learn at home! Ukkhh!!! Ga ada sistem HABIS NATAL BARU UJIAN dalam kamusku!!! >:( TTATT

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Post

Christmas is 3 more days. I want to see my christmas dress. Lolita lolita!! >///<
And badly, I must bring another clothes for christmas. that's because of  I joined drama or monolog or bla bla... and I as buruh pabrik!!! idk, what should I wear... Bye my lolita dress TTATT.

And I guess, I must prepare my wish for new year. hahahaha... tobat cuma 2 menit XD.
a little merry christmas make a big miracle...

3 more...

why I said number 3???
> 3 more days, the test will over
> 3 more subjects, to be tested
> 3 more days, there will be held christmas
> 3 more days, my christmas dress finally finished.

Fortunately, the remaining subjects only Enlgish, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I doubt that only one subject. Mathematics. Because:

1. I do not understand about statistics.
2. we have not signed up to the chapter ring
3. Most of the theory rather than matter.
4. my friend borrowed my test paper.
5. notes that were incomplete (lazy noted)

point number 5 is realted to point number 3. Most of the writing. I'm lazy to write, use numbers better. Shorter, faster, and no exertion. I hope there are people who can accept the reason for this illogical.

Okay, it's already 2am. Activities for tomorrow are choir practice and tutoring. Wish me luck for 3 DAYS TO FREE!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

ges's babbles

Bloggie... huuuhhh! fisika nggak jawab 2! acem??? habis waktunya ngga cukup! di kelas aja 10 soal udah syukur bisa jawab semua. soo help me.... anw, lupakan aku juga senang kali!!!! senang heppii!!! ahahahahaha!!!!!! untungnya ujian tinggal bahasa jerman, ingris, indo, kimia, sama mate. wah.... enak!!! belum lagi natal, seminggu lagi!! hello?? aku ga sabar lihat bajuku. aku mau meledak saking gembiranya (spongebob mode: on) baju baju baju baju...

tapi aku juga sedih, karena.......... badly, i haven't buy naka 75 :'(. aku cuma minjem dari tempat sewa komik, itu pun cuma di kasih satu hari, karena baru keluar. gak mau banyak posting, capek banget. besok ujian bahasa indo. doakan aku supaya tinta pulpen ku ga habis...

so... bye....

PS: hyaaa happy :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Dear bloggie,

I'm really a big mistake this year. Without realizing it, I forget everything that is very important to me. My school, my family, my friends, even something very, very important. I felt so guilty, I made many mistakes and I'm getting careless in all things. Should I regret everything I've done? I think not. There's only regret in my life. But, for me to keep believing! Make me to stay motivated! I'm sure, when I found what I was looking for this, I would be better and move forward with my goals.

So... So .... God ... help me find my goals and guided me to be more focused on goals that You have showed me.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Kenot wait for xmas!!

hola bloggie, sorry posting w makin dikit, makin ga ada gambar. pertama karena aku lagi ujian. dari tanggal 1 desember - 16 desember aku berada di neraka. sooo no time for fun :( lucky! the first week itu examnya gampang-gampang. yang aku takutkan, sejarah, penjas, sama fisika. help me TAT!! aku mau off di fb. alsannya karena aku muak dgn fb. aku akan SELALU aktif di blog n twitter dan juga NNC. so bubye....

PS: i just made my new dress for xmas! lolita! I like it! i'm gonna take the picture if it finished.

Friday, December 04, 2009

New skin

W ganti skin. kan udah mau xmas. rencanya w mau buat skin sendiri. Tapi ujian terus. siap ujian aja tanggal 16. So... biar cepat, w ambil aja skin ini. walau headernya agak gimana gituu.... Anw, I ♥ December! don't know wht, but i like it!

I don't want a lot for Christmas  there's just one thing I need  I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree  I just want you for my own  more than you could ever know make my wish come true  All I want for Christmas is... You ♥♥♥